Have you ever wanted to close your eyes and spiral down the rabbit hole landing in Wonderland?

Well, we didn't need to do that. For tonight, this IS our rabbit hole – 7atenine KL


(if you were wondering, it's pronounced as seven-eight-nine :D)


Denise and I with The Mad Hatter, White Queen and Red Queen 😀 😀


This fun-filled event is held by a bunch of cocktail and liquor extraordinaire, Horeca – the School of Mixology. This is the 2nd time I'm attending their event. Here's the 1st Horeca cocktail event at SkyBar 😀



This round, Horeca featured more mixologists. If I ain't wrong, there were approximately 5 of them, on top of 7atenine's bartenders. Here's 2 of them in the piccie below, mixing my favorite specialty cocktail of the night – Passionista!


woots 😀


Oooh hawt Angmoh mixing our drinks for us LOLOL 😛


Most of us gals loved the Passionista! That was a splendid threesome of 42 below Passionfruit, Bacardi Raz and Mandarin Napoleon Liqeur plus fresh passion fruit and apple juice 🙂 Gosh, sharing the ingredients all here makes me wanna attempt mixing it too!

Our 2nd favorite was the Wonder Hill.


With the Nuffies Michelle and Karen 🙂


The evening was a long and good one, with lotsa other great cocktails like the Bloody Alice, EuroGina and the usual draft beer. We were all given lollipops and Chocolate Fondue strawberries too! 😀 Nah, show you tha kinky babes skipping about bringing these goodies to everyone


Yummy yum yum

(I was talking about the candies, mind you! :P)



Apart from these 2 goodie basket ladies, there were also the more elaborately dressed royal highness-es seen strolling about the bar. Yup, introducing the 2 Queens of Wonderland! OFFF WITHHH YOUUURRR HEADDDDD!


Very nice!


Ooh, and I managed a piccie with the White Queen too 😀


Our local Anne Hathaway haha! 😀


Was never at  one single spot that night! Walking all around the bar chillin' with buddies, new friends and old friends taking pichas & camwhoring with all of 'em, plus dancing too! Had so much fun! 😀 😀 Here are the pichas of my friends and I which I managed to snap during the hustle and bustle of the event 🙂 🙂


Say hi if you see yourself! 😀 😀


My fellow Twitterers! It's #wonderland yo


ohhh look what's behind us!! 😀 😀


Nuffnang family! 😀 (well, only part of it)


Stole Niki's geek glasses


partay peeps 😀


more usual party peeps 😀 😀


The drinks were so good we just had to have more! In total, I downed more than 6 glasses *hic*. Gotta stop myself lest I fail AGAIN in the Breathalizer test should there be any Police Roadblocks. I bet other non-drivers had more!

Keep it up Horeca mixologists, you peeps were fabulous in concocting your Wonderland potions! 😀


The Bloody Alice in motion!



Soon after, was a very special, fantasy-like and comical performance by all the Wonderland characters. They dragged some of the guests upstage too! Mad Hatter tried dragging me up too, but luckily I escaped! 😛 😛 Whooops!


I remember yelling at him, "OII! MAD HATTER WHY SO INDECENT ONE!"

ahhaahahaha 😛 😛



Best part was the camwhore #fail 32834295234248-3002 times at the end of the night! Don't know if the person using my camera was drunk or we were drunk ourselves ahaah 😀 I think we took a total of 48347141714827 failure photos ey buddy? 😛 😛


The 2 on the right are *part* of the failed photos

Esther couldn't stop laughing for some weird reason 😀



Had so much fun at the event! Fabulous drinks, fabulous music and even more fabulous company. Good job to Horeca and their team of mixologists! Looking forward to sippin' your next line of magical goblets 😀 Thanks to P1 Wimax for the invites! They were part of the sponsors too 😀


Now, let's get tangled up Spidey *wink*

😛 😛 i kid!