I refuse to mention who and where this revolting scene took place. Anyway, when my pals and I were sitting at Table X, We spotted a rather oblivious girl who was donning a halterneck top and guess what  was peeping out? Ugh. It wasn’t a boob or anything, or a cleaveage, which is rather common in todays social norm.

It was a nipple.
No, make that both nipples.

Hey woman, haven’t u heard of brassieres or nipple tapes or anything similar to that? It’s disgusting having people watching your exposed titties as you amble along rather carefreely. It’s a real big eyesore, if  I do say so myself. Look, even my buddy just looked over, read my post and agreed.

Walking along Venue X, we stumbled upon that obscene female again. This time around, I couldn’t help but to blurt out an uncontrollable smirk… very loudly, in fact. Whereas the rest of de gang had their eyes affixed on the anatomy in question. (yes, that includes you, Ivan) She realised, oh yes she did. And tried in vain to camouflage it with her elbow.

That was a comical sight.

Anyway, if you are reading this particular post, do keep in mind to look out for that showstopper (for all the wrong reasons) and you’ll come to see what I mean.