Hiya dearest readers!

Today’s feature will be about my new hairdo done by my amazing sponsors, A Cut Above.

They’re the one and only hair salon I’d go and trust to get anything hair-related done!

From simple things like hair trimming and hair dying to chemically altering procedures like hair rebonding & perming, all the way to total makeovers, A Cut Above is the only place I’d recommend.


Trust me on this, they’re so capable that they’ve even rescued me from an atrocious hair disaster by a hair salon I was previously affiliated to.

Anyway, let’s see what hairdo they surprised me with today.


Hi there! Yes, it’s me in both photos –  three hours apart.



I adjourned to A Cut Above in Mid Valley Megamall directly after work to get my hair done.

Yes, yes. I got it just before I left for the Chinese New Year holidays! Pretty last minute, I know, but work has been hectic and that Tuesday night at 7PM was the only slot available on my schedule! Phew. Undecided

The moment I got there after a long day, it was nice to have my stylist Raymond greet me with a smile and usher me to my seat. Feeling Good


Without wasting any time, we got started immediately.

He began examining my hair before deciding what was best to do with it in under 3 hours.


He advised me to get my red hair recoloured (clearly it was fading off!), a hair treatment and a hair trim. Could everything possibly be done under three hours? Wow. Okay, hit me!


 Raymond preparing my hair for the dying process.


As I loved the ombre red (pic above) that the talented Datin Winnie dear gave me on my previous visit, he decided to stick with the ombre red too this time round.


But first, selfies! Raymond and I.


Ombre red process in motion.


I’ve been a red-head all my life. Well technically not ALL MY LIFE as I wasn’t born with red hair (How I wish! Damn, those rangas) Yell

But the moment I graduated from high school back in 2006 and was no longer bound by rules of acceptable hair colour, I turned it bright red the very next day. Many a time I’ve contemplated giving myself a different colour  but no… it really has grown on me after all these years, till a point that it is now recognized as a trademark!

Who else is known as the red headed blogger for the longest time ever? No one but me.

So the red head blogger I shall remain – till the day I die! Ha Ha


It was fascinating to see so many hands work on my hair at the same time.

Looks like many hands do not spoil the broth in this case, but make light work instead!


After all the aluminium foil and dye have been set, they put me under this ring of doom.

Nah, just kidding! It was  a heat ring that rotates on an axis to ensure the heat is dispersed evenly to every section of the hair.



 While I was getting my red hair done, buddy Shannon got her hair dark purple.

T’was fun having her around with me tonight as I’m usually all alone when I get my hair done.


Thanks for this awesome photo, girl! I like this top-down shot of me getting my hair washed.


After the hair wash, they wrapped my head in a towel like this.

Now I know how I would possibly look like if I was donning modern Muslimah fashion!


 To keep my hair shiny and healthy, my stylist Raymond applied a hair treatment for me.

It helps to lock in my new hair colour too! My hair was wrapped up again and placed inside a steamer.


Treatment is over! They unbundled my hair and gave it a wash.


 Raymond then began to blow-dry my hair.


 I was thrilled when I saw my bright red ombre hair in the mirror!


The red head is back again yay!


Evidently,  I was already way too excited seeing myself with red hair again.


After blow-drying my hair, Raymond then decided to re-shape my hair and started to trim it. This was because my hair was cut into an asymmetrical bob on my previous visit as I had really short hair back then.

I was so insecure and self-conscious about the length of my hair as it was my first time having such a short cut but Datin Winnie created that look for me and I loved it instantly!


Love how it’s longer on one side and short on the other. She’s super creative!


Another funky short bob that she created for me.

Master craftwizard of the scizzors, is what I think of when I see her.


Look at this #GetSassooned daring, choppy and angular bob she did for supermodel Amber Chia!

I can imagine what a challenge it was for Datin Winnie as extremely short hair that suits the model perfectly isn’t easy to create.


Anyway, after almost 2 years of having short hair, I decided to have my waist-long hair again.

So Raymond had to give me a new cut so it wouldn’t look odd when it gets long.


 He moved on to my fringe. I wanted my sharp bangs back but slightly longer this time.


 Layering the top part of my fringe.


 And Raymond goes snip snip!


 I’m very particular about my fringe but A Cut Above has never failed me nor given me a bad haircut. So I was very assured!


And he’s done! Now moving on to the back of my hair to give it a straighter cut that will last till my hair grows long.


Here’s the back before Raymond worked on it.

Obviously I can’t see how it looks like when this photo was being taken! 😀


Ooooh what’s happening? Raymond working his magic.

After about half an hour or so…



I’m done! 😀 Yipppeee!


I began snapping selfies of my new hairdo immediately. Was so excited to show you guys the before and after!

Since buddy Shannon was done as well, we decided to share our selfie fun together too.


Me in my red ombre + Shannon in her dark purplish tone.

It’s a little difficult to see any colour on her as it was a really dark shade. But it’s more obvious in real life! 😀


Take One, Take Two!


Another one from us. Thanks for the photos, girl!


Another selfie just before we left.


I know, I know… you’re probably wondering where the before and after is.

Here it is again:


Yes, it’s the same person – only with a different hairdo!


There’s more! I figured that the full frontal view wouldn’t suffice for my curious readers. 😀 😀 So for easier comparison, I snapped it from all angles – left, right, back & front to put in a collage.






I love it and enjoyed my session.

Thanks Raymond, for a beautiful haircut and a very nicely done colour!

If you want a friendly, helpful and informative stylist like mine, look for Raymond.


As always, thank you very much, to the team at A Cut Above!



Rest assured your hair will always be treated with utmost care and precision.

You’ll certainly be in good hands of these professionals with each visit.


To book your hair appointments or for more information on A Cut Above, you can:

Call them at their salon via their contact number: +603-2283 3131

Log on to their website at: acutabove.com.my

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