kekekeke…. ohh cut da crap…. okie gezz wut???? 4arif wuz greeted with vandalism!!! *uggggh** allegedly done by da electrician dudez… hmm sez sumthin like ” budak sek. macam monkey-je” or sum nonsense liddat… nyeahh….. ms. ong wuz like baffled n hurriedly called da white teacher (god noez wut her name is) n she wuz like ssssso taken aback.. while 4arif remained composed…. i mean, hello>? itz like… juz dawdles on da table…. only more threatenin… yeahh.. there were sum otha word i do not wish 2publicize…. wakakakaz.. *letcha immagination run wild!*
n many otha “biggie” teacherz came 2check it out only 2b greeted with sum scribblez in BM…. *whowwww* big deal…. n they left with unorthodox expressionz…. *silly ppl*
ohhh so… lessonz went on as usul.. but tiz time, i paid attention!! itz wuz sshhho freakin interestin.. bout da ikatan kovalen n stuff… then we had da food test in bio n yeahhh recezzz!!!! later… mr. Koay introduced a new trainee teacher.. her name wuz miss Ooi… shez pretty but had a nasty voice.. yeah.. n i mean..REEEEL  nasty…. btw, (yeah i noe tiz is unecessary) but mr. koay wuz blushin n stammerin da whole time he wuz introducin her! *awww* but she aint dat scary! so i wonder wut it is….. *giggles*
soon afta sch… i hung out at d canteen foh a lil while… oopz.. itz almoz time foh ma babyboii 2cum n take me home! *mmuackz* i headed 2d bustop n whom did i see>? it wuz ma 2lil bros n their buddy weisern! yeahh.. sucha coincidence dudez! kekekeke…. notty calvin “spiked” ma hair…. n jeff wuz laffin at mee~ *snarlz*  ma dearie din see me n zommed past…. but i saw em’ n rushed 2leave….. wakakakakzz….
grrr….. ive got tuition 2nite.. physix… ohmagudnezz… i hate tuition.. id pick sch ova tuition anytime! oh sso well….. cyaz.. will b back daily….. huggggzzzz