Haha yup, the title says it all 🙂

So today, dearies, Imma introduce you to a good friend of mine.


Being a Blackberry fangirl and a BBA, I would want nothing more than to see more happy BB owners with their beloved BBs. The world needs more Blackberries yo! 😀 So here's something I feel like sharing today.

When it comes to your beloved blackberry, I've got just the right person for you


when it comes to making your BB the coolest BB in the planet or personalizing your BB to something

that represents YOU, Eric can make that happen 😉



You know how iPhone fanboys/fangirls will say that our BBs are "ugly and black" or a "plastic device that looks boring", well screw you. Because now, our BBs can come in a huge variety of colors, combination styles and designs that makes it entirely us! wheee


So one evening in Sakae Sushi having dinner with Eric, I figured it would be

a good time to show you how he does it. So you can see for yourselves!



When ANY shop (you know which one especially, which begins with Pop and rhymes with Cherry) who tells you that you've gotta wait or come back in an hour for your BB housings or parts to be changed, I implore you to say "bullshit" in their face. Because here's the truth – it can be changed in under 3 minutes.

Seeing is believing 😉




Apparently mine would "take a little longer" but it was STILL done in 2 minutes plus




Looks pretty complicated, eh? But trust me, this fella does it as naturally as downing a pint of ice-cold beer 😀 It's in his blood, methinks. HAHA!


Angel Wing Ring by Soak Republic

A very happy me with a very pretty BB!  it's fab that even my BB matches me wherever I go 😀


Being extremely excited squirming over my new pimped BB. It's SO MEEEEE! 😀 😀 I've tweeted the piccie of it and lotsa my tweeples said so too. Whoopeedoo! 😀

When you see your precious gadget – especially the one and only one which you simply cannot do without – looking all pretty and different, ya can't help but to enthuse over it


Camwhoring with Eric's blue-pimped BB 😀



Here's a closer look at my BB now. 

He offered lotsa shades and materials of red but I chose the metallic red version, with white keypads and a white screen



I'm in love! Can't stop looking at it like its brand new! hehe

All thanks to www.hausofbib.com 😀 😀



Tralalala! More camwhore time 😀 Me with my Redberry and Eric with his Blueberry


Alaaa. Wasted. My matching-red wallpaper isn't lighted up

Sorry! 🙁



LOL you're probably bored of seeing the same ol' two BBs already. But fret not! Imma show you some of my favorite color and accessory combo of BBs that Eric did for other people 🙂 Doesn't matter if your baby is a BB Curve, a BB Bold, a BB Storm, a BB Tour or any BB in the world.

if you're a BB owner, you've GOTTA LOVE WHAT HE HAS FOR YEWWWW


Oh but first, more narcissism with my beloved baby

I couldn't take my hands off it! Eric kept my BB for 2minutes and I experienced BBwithdrawal symptoms

🙁 haha *hyperbolic mode on*


ohh this is how his Blueberry looks like from the back btw 😀



Okay lah! Okay lah! 🙂 Time to show you the rest of the pretty BBs.

This is only like a quarter of what he has done for other proud BB owners!



Everything made possible by www.hausofbib.com!


Nice right! 😀 These are some of the solid coloured ones.

There's metallic, frosted, chrome or embossed types altogether



Or even the patterned ones as per below!

Apart from these I love the Snakeskin ones he has too 😀

No pichas of it here, go see it for yourself on his blogshp hehe




Okay, on to the cases! There's silicone ones and other types too 😀



I'm so lovin' that Ed Hardy one!

and the Horny Devil silicone case is supercute!



Now the screeeeen! 😀 Nobodeh wants to stare at a dull black screen now, do they?



and no one wants to rub their fingers over dull buttons *wink*


here's the purple version of the BB's trackball! 😀
Lots more other colors



*cough* neither would anyone want to press boring ones


especially the ones that won't light up with different moods and fire your night away! 😛 😛

haha okay, I'm being very suggestive in my descriptions *wink*

I shall stop here 😀



So yeah, when you purchase whatever colored skin you like or any accessories and parts for that matter, most of you physical-tech delinquents (including myself, don't get offended hohoho) have no idea how to take apart your BB with screws and whatnot right?

Either that, or you peeps daren't dissect your BB for fear of ruining it

right right right? 😀


I can assure you that Eric does it for you with any purchase you make! 😀

It's free installation! Excellent customer service too. Very quickly and patiently done.



*cough* He's relatively a nice guy lah 😛 only if you don't provoke him. He usually wakes up super super superlate in the morning (or rather afternoon LOL) so make your appointment with him in the afternoon, evenings or night – best place would be Mid Valley or Taman Desa 😀

and don't speak Malay with him because he ain't local. LOL Don't say I didn't tell you! 😛


Brass bangle by Soak Republic

So I got home after yummy pints of Tiger at Laundry Bar and camwhored with my "object of passion" 😀



I don't know how many of you do it too, but I sleep clutching my BB in my hands every single night. It's the first thing that greets me in the morning when I wake up and the last thing I fondle at night before I go to bed. *deadpan smile* I'm serious!


According to a Blackberry app – IloveBlackberry, my average usage of BB is a total of 6 hours a day.

So with such an immense usage, of course I would want my BB to be practical AND pretty right? :D



Okay, if you're an iPhone fanboy/fangirl who managed to read all the way about Blackberries till this point without having your stomach churn having to barf up on last night's dinner or experience serious allergic itches, I will reward you with something 😛


Also head to www.hausofbib.com 😀 😀

hehe there's something for you toooooooooooooooooooo



OMG enough of sharing my BB story with you. It's time for you to join the clan of pretty BBs. Pimp your Blackberries like it's a Berry Addiction yo!

It's time to get back to revisions. Exam's next Friday and I'm then I'm finally free woo hoo


At present : In Starbucks nerding away

Told you my baby matches with me all the time 😀