Upon receiving an email from one of my foodie friends, I got to know that Kenny Rogers was going to hold a Red Day promotion for ONE DAY ONLY! Aptly called the Roasters Eating Day, any customer who walks in wearing red clothing/footwear/accessories will be entitled for a 'Buy One, Free One' deal.






Yup that's right! So if you come in with ANYTHING red, you'll be getting an extra Kenny's Quarter Meal Chicken set for your date. Sounds pretty simple actually, as they did not limit us to Red CLOTHES only. It's not difficult to have at least one item red on you, even if you happen to walk in by chance.


It can even be your fingernails or your (!!) underwear.



But the question is,




We're about to find out.

I headed down to the nearest Kenny Rogers outlet at 11.30 in the morning to people watch. The crowd slowly builds up as more and more red colored people came pouring in.



So smart! There were peeps with red belts, red earrings, red heels, red skirts & tops, red bags and RED TUDUNGS! For the gentlemen, I spotted a red tie, a red hanky (who carries hanky's anymore in the 21st Century!?), a red pen, a red shirt and so on.


The queue became massive as early as 12.15pm where large groups of people decked in red started storming in demanding the poor Kenny Rogers staff to seat their incomplete party. So unfair! Some of the patrons were even raising their voices at each other for not wearing red thus being NOT entitled for this promotion.



Well, all because they want to kick off the group in front of them so that they get their chance to eat first. I even observed a few patrons explaining to the staff that a certain weird shade of color was actually red IF YOU LOOK AT IT FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW, or IF YOU LOOK AT IT UNDER THE SUN or IF YOU TURN IT THIS WAY AND THAT WAY.


*rolls eyes*

Yadda yadda yadda.



But lucky for me, I didn't have anything to worry about.

😛 😛 😛 Say what ya wanna say! But I'm still entitled! 😛




But anyway, is it so difficult to come with a red top? Heck, Chinese New Year is approaching and you didn't have A SINGLE RED ITEM in your closet, I've nothing to say 😛 but being a red fanatic, I have something to say – OHHHHMYYYYGODDD YOU MUST BE KIDDING MEEE!! -____-




While most people were already happily seated down enjoying their free extra lunch, the queue began to build enormously long. Even stretching out the the next outlet! The insane crowd at Kenny Rogers drew stares from all the shoppers of The Curve. There were even peeps asking around about what the entire commotion was about.


By 1pm, the staff had to prepare extra tables and chairs to extend the seatings! There was completely no more room for any more dine-in customers. FULL HOUSE YO!  Check out the security guards on standby to supervise the situation



See? All those were extra tables and chairs so everyone is happy!

 I applaud Kenny Rogers for having a good contingency plan for back up



Okay, now that you've seen how competitive, eager or kiasu Malaysians can be, Imma let you in on a little secret. Are you ready?

Promise not to laugh.




hush hush, kay? 😀









The reason I was there at 11.30am wasn't entirely to people watch nor to tweet live from there. It was for a faaarr more kiasu reason that I was actually right there to witness everything.


I was there to have my lunch 😛