u’d b wonderin why im still here, wudnt u? Well… not so much ov tha rush hour now. Actually, tuition wuz cancelled. Not exactly cancelled but, todayz tuition lessons neva existed.. at all. Juz sum downright enthusiastic peep who thought tuition commenced 2day.. n i blindly took notice. Thank God kyeng msged me juz in time b4 ma dad figuratively dismembers evry single bit ov ma anatomy. *phew*

2day wuz juz d typical walk-to-class-and-lessons-start-then-ends-then-proceeds-to-dreamland kinda thing. Juz d average, juz d normal. But wait, summin highly abnormal happened dat might hv given everyone a nasty surprize.. it gave me a helluva gud scare. As soon as the bell rang, herds of elephants, gazelles, antelopes  came in2 action. STAMPEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok.. letz get 2d basic point. Ma classmates dashed out in a mad-stricken frenzy with high hopez of gettin d best seat… in no where but tha Physix lab. And thats how they fell off the balcony. Kiddin.

Yeah.. im goin on wiv ma rather inane ramblings ov de day.. owh well, more than a day. There lies my glass ov orange juice in fronta me. Half empty and half-full.. depends on how u wan to put it, i guess. Dat showz how much time i actually have left to utilise myself well. *sigh* wut can be done? Im left wiv one-third ov dat lame novel,  Julia.  naww.. i aint duin dat. Anymore readin n ma brain’ll probably balloon-up to d size ov ur computer screen. And datz not a good thing.

2mrws tha registeration day fuh extr-

Ive juz got a vibe. Imma type proper spellings frm now on!

Tomorrow’s the registeration day for extra co-curricular activities.. which means that the Green Lane savannah will be at it again. More wilderbeasts, mooses and other strange never-discovered female species will b on the loose. That’s right.. the students are as aggressive as wildboars. But everything will be under control won’t it, new head? (in case you didn’t know, CGL has just acquired a new principal)

Speaking of Registeration Day, I STILL haven’t had my Squash Club poster done yet. Bah to the lame jack-asses and numbskulls who have assigned me to do it. Like I said, I will try. No, scratch that. I’ll be a responsible (eww.. did I just say that?) kid for a start.. but just once! Yeah I’ll do it. NOW. But if I can’t have it done tomorrow in case of some chronic scientifically-named epidemic, don’t you dare blame me. Ain’t any fault of mine.

But if you do,
I’ll drag you back to the morgue.