After ingesting vegetarian morsels for a full solid day, I finally had my freedom in terms of food.
No kidding! We stuffed ourselves silly with seafood and Thai food until we needed more fresh air! Speaking of which, the breeze there is refreshing and it’s just like the sensation you get when you open your refrigerator door.

Oh, and the view is just amazing. Words just won’t do any justice to its tranquil and picturesque scenery. It’s worth the longest gaze ever from everyone – Bukit Genting in Penang. The picture above is taken from the balcony, I suggest that you stand closer to the railings to get a better overview of the magnificent nature in its abundance. There are even tiny islands visible from where you are to perch. Such beauty is indeed impeccable.

The trails to get all the way up there can be nauseating, but trust me, it’s worthwhile.
When you finally reach the peak, you’ll be wowed by the food and of course, the serenity.

A garden will be the first beauty you’ll feast your eyes on, with a real bridge for us to walk on. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs, another time perhaps? I would love to explore the entire hidden depths of its vicinity – the enigma thrills me!

God’s oil painting on an azure canvas.. May I be a part of it?
Goodness me, what I’d do to see His sketchbook.

Oh, and That’s Jeremy trying to avoid being captured.
He downed a a handful of green chilles all in one go! [inset]

After being impressed by the remarkable taste of our cuisine, we hung around at the balcony to admire the most we can, of the now-darkened sky. Pretty cool though, as we could still see the lights – however tiny – faraway. 

Adjourning soon, sayonara nature! =)

Soon, we headed down to play some foosball and pool at Screwball

Had a fab time with ya’ll peeps! Hugsss