Goodmorning lovelies!

If you didn't already know, yesterday was the first day of the Malaysia International Tourism Exchange (MITE) 2012!



I  was so psyched to go but couldn't as some change of plans had me unable to attend Day One 🙁

However, I'm so excited for today; le boyfriend and I are gonna be at MITE 2012 the whole day yay!


Oh but first, for those not in the know of what MITE 2012 is all about, it is basically the largest tourism exchange event in Malaysia 

The Malaysian International Tourism Exchange (MITE) 2012 offers us more than the usual shiznit of travel/tourism fairs that you typically see.



Throughout its duration, MITE 2012 will not only showcase domestic & foreign travel agencies as well as tourism companies, it will also hold full days of jam-packed fun-filled activities perfect for all friends and family!

Here is what they have in store for us :


The Sunday treasure hunt which I've talked about here


The photo / video contest which I've shared here


And what I'm really, really keen on seeing (and perhaps joining!) today are these :






Interesting ey? Bet it'll be pumping us up all day long! 😀

Also, being a hiphop/street style junkie back in the day, I can't wait to watch these too :




One for the aspiring singers!


Children are not left out either!



I'm so excited already. Can't wait! :D

Apart from getting heaps of vacation/holiday information & awesome tourism/travel deals and packages, tomorrow all till Sunday will definitely be an inspiring and exciting experience for all of us.



Think : international performances, games, competitions, food, sharing & exchanging cultural practices/festivities around the world too! 

So I'll see you in a bit, aight?  Be prepared for an adrenalin rush! I sure am.

Leaving to Malaysia Agro-Exposition Park Serdang now!


For more information, check out MITE 2012 at

Or join them on Facebook here and keep yourself updated with them on Twitter here!