Early this year, when le boyfie told me his thoughts of a Playboy Party for his birthday, I thought he was joking.

But it turned out that we *actually* got round to doing it!


So guess what arrived in the mail a few months later?


A black double-breasted jacket and bright red cravat

A pair of Playboy bunny ears, collar and cuffs


So that was it… let's geddit on! 😀 😀 

It was good to know that most of our guests turned up as such awesome sports as well.


The boys came all suited  & vested up and the girls came in bunny outfits!


The birthday boy and I 


Pimping, Alex?


LOL Allow me to quote him –

"There will never be a good photo when Alex is around"


The birthday boy's mother & sister came too – check out more bunny girls!!



T'was awesome that le boyfie's mom came all the way to Melbourne to join us for the celebration!

She decorated the tables and bought a Chocolate Mud cake too. Yummy ;)




Dinner at Minh Xuong Chinese restaurant along Russell Street was amazing.

There was so much food on the table, everyone ordered something different and we shared amongst ourselves. We had Wanton Noodles, Barbequed Pork Ribs, Black Pepper Beef Slices served with Rice, Claypot Glass Noodles, Chinese style Fried Rice, Soft Shell Crabs and more!


They were all very reasonably priced & delicious. Best part is, the restaurant was BYO all alcohol!


Gettin' a lil red after all those glasses


I loved the food and the ambience. Would certainly go back again (if we weren't kicked out!)

Okay fine, we weren't kicked out… but here's what happened –


As the signage did say BYO all alcohol, we maximized that to our advantage.

Only thing was, if you had known our gang, you would also know the copious amounts of alcohol that follows. So we brought bottles after bottles of various types of whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, beer, cider and more.

Just as we were leaving after 3 hours of dinner + drinks, the restaurant reprimanded us in a typical FOB accent






But if it wasn't for all of us, the restaurant wouldn't have made AUD$300+ in one night.


So, suck it up & be thankful mister.

After dinner, the gang of suited up guys and bunny girls roamed the streets of the Melbourne CBD and eventually ended up hailing a taxi because it started to rain.


At Transport in Federation Square


We randomly decided to go karaoke but decided against it and went clubbing instead.

Wootwoot it was fun being all over town! From Russell Street to Federation Square to Docklands to Southbank!


Photos above credited to Grant! 🙂



The occasion was merry and crazy! Wrapping up the night was messy though.

Most of us were tipsy and the whole gang split up into a few small groups but managed to reunite and ending up disappearing and reappearing again. It was mad! 

By the end of the night, lotsa people regurgitated and passed out after all the insanity.


Some of us! Couldn't find the rest of them at the time of this photo


Another good night in the city with my love and my mates. 

Also, my days in Melbourne are numbered once again. In 3 days, I will be back on the Malaysian soil 🙁


Nothing wrong with Malaysia, I love Malaysia to bits but Australia had already left it's mark on me ever since I first left in July. My friends, my other half, my extended family, the culture and the lifestyle here has grown into me.


It's no wonder why my heart lies in Melbourne 

Don't cry, Jess. Don't cry.


Happy Birthday once again Konzylove 

I hope you liked my surprise, presents and had fun during the celebration! Love you always