Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I shouldn't be here blogging right now when thefockers are all together in merriment in the next room.


Will join them soon but first, how was your CNY celebrations so far?

It's the 2nd day of the lunar new year now and so far, my reunion dinners with both sides of the family went pretty swell!


Small, but close-knitted immediate family reunion dinner


And yes, my maid IS part of the family. She has practically helped mom raise me ever since I was a child of 3. No matter how small this family might seem, this is one that I'm proud to belong to and it has always been this way 😀


I had fun playing with firecrackers at my porch!

Dad bought back lotsa different types. I don't know if it's even legal but I reckon these are the harmless ones.

We played with sparklers, fizzy firecrackers, pop-pop and other variants of such.

It was fun to watch it fizzle and sparkle into flames!


Oh and dad burnt his finger cos he lighted one of the firecrackers up the wrong way.

What's really fun was that we played it with our opposite neighbour too, they were Indians by the way. 1 Malaysia celebrating in the spirit of Chinese New Year! Nice sight to see


With mom


And dad

(Pardon the narcissistic tee. It was a gift)


Still have lotsa 'bai nien' (visiting) at other relatives' houses, lotsa 'kam' (Mandarin Oranges) to stuff my face with, more lion dances to watch, more angpows (red packets) to collect, more CNY cookies to binge on, more gambling to play, more lou sang (some signature CNY dish which idk how to describe)… and the list goes on.

The BIG dinner with the rest of thefockers isn't until tomorrow where everyone can gather together. It's gonna be held in conjunction with granny's birthday too. So, no pictures yet till tomorrow night! 😀


Long yellow noodles to apparently symbolize longeveity

To sum it all up, Chinese New Year every year, just like Christmas, spells nothing to me but family

As I will be leaving my home to the land of Down Under for roughly half a year, I would miss nothing more than the comfort and warmth of my own loved ones. But as they say, every bird has gotta leave its nest for a while and my next scheme would be rockin' up Melbourne one day at a time.

Here's to hoping I don't get homesick.

with a Choy Sun (God of Prosperity) soft toy!


In the meantime, I can't wait for Sunday's CNY reunion dinner with thehomies in Tannie's house.

Cheers! Gong Xi Fa Chai 😀