Who ever said Deepavali was for Hindus and Indians only?
 We shall be Malaysians and share this season of lights!

Hanging out with my babes and the dudes at Babylon again was the bomb. We chilled and spent lotsa quality time together and of course, accompanied by some fabulous magaritasand cocktails.

And when the going gets tough, the tough plays truth or dare – Dirty lil secrets anyone? =P
It turned out very melancholy and honest and yes when it came to that question, that’s how true friends should be. As quoted from Jeremy – “WEHH. WHY YOU GIRLS GETTING ALL SENTIMENTAL WAN”

Nah, that ain’t that bad.. dudes you better be brave enough to take on our dares –

I then left to join my bestie Tai’s reunion. Christine and I had the fun of our lives by bullying and snapping his funny faces! We danced the night away with plenty of group hugs and more.
I hate u for wanting this stupid spectacle picture up here Tai! Whose is it anyway??

We chatted more regardless of the one-million decibel music and made further plans to meet up more often

Miss those old times ey?  =)

Joined the family for a short while to hear the Miss Carmen-My-Club results
and hung out with them before resuming the party with our madmadhatter gang

The mental asylum awaits us

Ali was the destination as usual for the after-party supper and boy, I must recommend the ‘Susu Lembu Suam’ to everyone! If you’re not one to like milk, it’s your loss =P
It was a one-way ticket back to Christine’s crib.. goodnight all