Day #4 was boring


Hell yeah. So much so till I slept almost the entire morning and afternoon.


The seniors were playing mahjong and I was left in front of the telly. Mum and Uncle Mike had kept themselves occupied doing a series of rather odd positions and stances. Really, now. It looked somewhat like a yoga-cum-taichi session.


I couldn’t help but to crack a smile. (and sneakily snapped them in action!)


That’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh

They like it, uh-huh uh-huh

Note to self: never give my blog URL to mum and Uncle Mike to avoid being skinned alive.


The day proceeded into a rainy evening and they finally decided to go out! *Wheee*
But only to eat dinner though. =(
Another Vegetarian Restaurant was the choice of venue again, as we (sadly, including myself) were still vegetarians.


Ps- I broke my one-day vegetarian diet yesterday by surreptitiously eating Famous Amos cookies! So today will be the day I pay that debt. =( What comes around, goes around. =(


Mum and Uncle Mike being a retard on purpose!

We cam-whored in the car throughout the whole journey and never stopped even though we arrived the destination. The FUN never stops! Ah well.. the joy of having a family – more and more pictures for reminiscence!


The freakiest thing was seeing this grand old lady pacing in and out of the restaurant, oblivious of her surroundings. She was donning a yellow robe-like dress with yellow beads stringed together as a necklace. He shoes were of bright amber and a huge yellow butterfly was in place of a hairclip.

  Somehow, I pondered to myself whether or not she is fully a mortal being. The hustle and bustle of the restaurant was at its peak and there she was, standing bolt upright with no expression whatsoever, in the middle of the dining floor. I can feel the hair at the back of  my neck stand already!


We got back in one piece, undaunted by the likes of the yellow vampire.


I’m going home tomorrow!!

Hey darling, I’m coming back!

Hey buddies, I’m coming back!


Can’t wait to see ya’ll!!