Yup. Exactly.. datz wut we are. Tha fith formers… *groan*  kant u juz hear the wails within… such audible noises but yet barely noticed.. Well thatz that. Believe it gurl, i’ve reached Form Five.. de most horrifiying year eva. duh! SPM. But hey, tha prepz weren’t so bad afta all… in fact, they were fun! YeAH..like, buying new thingamajigz…gettin textbookz n removing all ma nailpolish, rings, earrings, bandz n etcetera.. Well, i still do have tha ‘benjica’ necklace on. U CANT TELL ME TO REMOVE IT YOU BUG-EYED CREEPZ!!! IM SSSSSO NOT GOING TO! N U KANT DO NUTZ ABOUT IT! (the creep i juz mentioned? In reference to who eva that asks me to take it off)

Xmas wuz fun… owh, am i a lil too late fuh thiz? Kinda.. itz waaaaaaaay past dat jolly good ho-ho season. Now as i wuz sayin, b4 i absent-mindedly interupted maself.. Xmas wuz a blast! Had it spent in Ipoh b4 headin 2Kedah.. The family, such bliss. Neway, we did tha traditional Xmas tree decorz, had a traditional Xmas dinna (wiv turkey.. yummy!), had “Santa” drop us prezziez in our Xmas stockings.. Juz like alwiz. Hey dearie, i hope ya enjoyed Xmas wivme! =) All ov us, includin ‘crumble0woman‘ <—- baby, u noe who im referring to.. njoyed ourselves. Plus, we went fuh tha Excelsior buffet.. we stuffed ourselves silly for our self-declared theme wuz ‘d one who eats d least, has to foot d darn bill’. Hell no im not payin!

Right now, i gotta keep maself very-occupied. Cuz if i don’t, i’ll start thinkin ov him.. n tearz will tend to follow. *sigh* itz juz not d same… im still not used to having things so quiet around here.. yeah, i miss him. A lot. I didn’t noe i wud feel so lonely at home.. no more rushin home frm sch to receive his calls.. no one to text whilst in d car.. no one to kiss goodnite and no one to go power-shopping with. Ur d best shoppin partner eva b. Well, at least i noe how itz like for you when i was away 4 BRATS.. i didnt understand back then; but now i do. Feelin ya absence n missin ya presence isn’t quite exactly ma cuppa tea. *sigh* Babyboii.. im awaiting ya return… 67more days kant be long can it? ^_^

If i do recall, i was tokin abt d 1st day ov sch.. rite? Yeah… back 2d main circle..we did our ‘reserved seatz’ thingy upon arriving CGL. Seating in the heart ov tha class(well, almost) I had ma Conference Gang membaz right bside me… now, evrytime is a conference time! Conference anyone? =) Then.. spent tha time sharin storiez.. tha ‘ahmor’ scare by CQY, wut else? Tha argument by OSM.. bt she wuz a lil secretive tho… hmm. Plus, i spent ma time doodling on ma sch file (pic uploaded).. kant help it, that’s me all over!

Then yadda yadda…. sch wuz almost ova. Sadly, i met up wiv ma otha squash memberz… then we juz HAD to go n see tha teacher advisor bout our club. n guess wut? Me, ov all people in tha whole wide world HAD HAD HAD to design d poster fuh society registeration. Datz not bad as yet… designin dat darn poster is no biggie.. but now, i MUST prepare it too. owh.. so? To have it done by Thursday? Dat is exactly the day after 2mrw? Gawddamit…… well, i didnt say i wont try. (“,) To wrap it up, 1st day as a qualified fith former wasn’t as drastic as i tot it was…. end——

Jess tha FORM FIVE KID out fuh now!