After my recent blogpost about Part one of the DiGi Blackberry vs. Maxis Blackberry review I did a few days back, I've been receiving lots of feedback from you peeps via blog comments and e-mails. Really glad you found it helpful before you plunged into the joy of Team Awesome with blackberries πŸ˜€


So yeah, as a recap, I've already told you in that earlier entry about which Blackberry telco plan is more

cost efficient and worth the money you're paying for.





But now, it's time for the showdown of both its performances! After testing it in various places, I've come to the conclusion that for most parts of KL city and the Klang Valley results in equal strong signal/reception for both Maxis and DiGi BB mobile network coverage. Hence, I decided to put it to test in the suburbs, outskirts and highways of Malaysia instead


But before that, there's something I'd like to highlight. I noticed this pattern in both the BBs at most places! The average time for my DiGi blackberry to successfully post a tweet is approximately 3 seconds whilst the my Maxis blackberry successfully posts it 2 seconds AFTER the DiGi one. Which brings that of a 3 second : 5 second speed .



Lemme prove it to you – the exact same tweets which I posted at the exact same time


Twitter has it in order of a timeline from top to bottom of the latest to the oldest Tweets

You can see for yourselves as to which Tweet arrived first then πŸ™‚




Okay along the North-South highway, specifically along the KL-Ipoh routes. Here's my verdict by a method of constant checking. When I say Maxis|DiGi it means both are at high-speed EDGE but when I say either Maxis or DiGi, it means that particular Telco's data connection speed is more superior the other Telco which I did not mention at that specific highway exit.. Got it? πŸ™‚

The unmentioned Telco would have either dropped to GPRS or lost its signal at SOS


West Malaysia

And here's the results of the telco coverage!

Rawang                              Maxis | DiGi

Ulu Bernam                             DiGi

Slim River                          Maxis | DiGi

Sungkai                                       DiGi

Sungai Trolak                              DiGi

Bidor                                       Maxis

Tapah                                  Maxis | DiGi

Kampar                               Maxis | DiGi

Gopeng                             Maxis | DiGi

Simpang Pulai                  Maxis | DiGi


I figured out that by giving you that mini verdict, you can see for yourself as to which Telco line was more consistent on the highway πŸ˜€



Anyways, I was at Bukit Bangkong located in Tanah Hitam, Chemor for hiking with some of my adrenalin-fueled fockers! For those not in the know, Tanah Hitam is quite a rural estate and outskirt area of the Perak state. Photos shot with only my BB. Now let's take a look at how both the Telcos fared

Whilst at the foot of the hill before I began my journey, my Maxis BB signal was already down to GPRS while my DiGi BB signal was still standing at high-speed EDGE. As we all hiked that steep hill, Maxis signals began to pick up and it was back at EDGE with slight amounts of staggering back to GPRS and even GSM.

However, the DiGi one remained unperturbed standing strong. It remained so throughout the entire 45 minutes climbing the hill until we arrived its peak πŸ™‚


Go figure. I'll leave it to you for the judgement πŸ˜‰



During some of my boring and dry lectures, I often relied on both my BBs to keep me company or at the very least, entertained. I'm an avid user of a few Blackberry apps such as Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Ubertwitter and Facebook for Blackberry by the way


Damn! One of my coursemates snapped a pic of me with her cellphone of me BB-ing during lecture



But since we're on the topic, Imma share with you how the BB lines fare in Monash University. In the cafeteria, both receptions were awesome but when it came to the Lecture Theaters, Tutorial Rooms and even elevators, I couldn't do ANYTHING with my Maxis BB except to reply SMSes! Angry maximus ROARRRR! The signal was dreadfully low. But thankfully, I had my DiGi BB to rely on πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Gracias!


Oh and you know what the best part is? Throughout the past few weeks, I've never experienced any dropped calls while using my DiGi BB, and SMSes were always promptly delivered. I can recall though, while using Maxis, certain SMSes will only reach my recipient the very next day! And that caused mom to be barking mad because she thought I didn't bother replying her SMS. Mom, I'm innocent! πŸ™ πŸ™




Not to mention miscommunications between my friends and I and even the boyfie because my SMSes arrived later than usual. A friend of mine Bart also told me that the delivery reports for some of his SMSes which he sent from his Maxis cellphone never came! Gosh. Talk about mechanical noise in barriers of communication!  T__T



Anyways, on a happier note –  here I am LIVE  in Genting Highlands located in the state of Pahang. Located at 2000 metres above sea level, let's just see if Maxis or DiGi telco scores better in terms of coverage and data signals okay okay?  πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I'm excited to know too.

The piccie below was taken just before I yell my eyeballs outta their sockets at the Corkscrew. Nope, I didn't dare to take out both my Blackberries to compare the reception when i was just about to zoom down in breakneck speed down that killer rollercoaster …


…neither did I do it when I was spinning at 360 degrees upside down *panics*

But I did it before it was my turn!



Wheeeee! I'm at the highest point of Genting Highlands! Right on top of the ferris wheel πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Look at all the little people!



High on top of the Ferris wheel and other *safer* rides around Genting Highlands, the hotels, the indoor themepark, casinos and its vicinity, my DiGi BB definitely has the upper hand. Almost, (if not all) the spots where I sat down to compare the BIS, the DiGi signal strength on EDGE was impressive. However, my Maxis BB was down to a steady GPRS throughout most the rides and the occasional EDGE






Now that I've reviewed how both the lines fared up high, what about how it fares waaaayyy below? Down down down below from the Underground flume ride mine tunnel, my Maxis BB coverage was only with 3 bars of GSM while my DiGi BB was kicking it effortlessly at full speed EDGE.

yellow men all around me – no wonder coverage can be so remarkable!




So.. what do you think? Any idea which Telco line to get already before you buy your first Blackberry?

What about exisiting users of other telcos? *winks*



Just when you thought the saga was over, there's Part 3 coming up next! πŸ˜€