You know how momma used to tell you not to play with your food nor to play with fire?

Clearly, this boy never took the advice when he set his hands on fire


Yup… my friend Abe decided to showcase his pyromaniac stunts, one Sunday night


As we didn't have any deodorant spray in the house at this very moment of time, he made do with some house fragrance spray instead. The poor guy had to set his hand in flames more than 5 times for me to be satisfied with the photo 😛

He was paranoid, but still… brave. I doubt the rest of us would attempt something like that!




check out the video footage of his dangerous act



There you have it, some courageous stunts to entertain yourself with… at the expense of the skin on his hands! 😛

But above all, you know what we were REALLY entertained with?


His fail face.

We giggled so hard whenever the topic of this photo was brought up


Definitely a perfect dose of laughter for the week ahead!

Why don't you try setting your hand alight as well? 😛