Have I mentioned that I’m finally done with Julia?
wohkay… now, I hereby declare that I, as an equally stressed-out student has completed reading her somewhat lame novel, Julia. Sincerely yours.

Now, on with today.

Today was an ordinary friday.. lessons on as usual. Nothing too surprising. Nothing too boring. Except the fact that I just can’t stop myself from getting all excited to go to UUM, Sintok tomorrow. Why, to fetch ma boii home of course! Thankfully, I’m getting used to living life without him.. though I can’t help sparing a thought (or even a tear) for him at quiet times. It’s only human isn’t it?

Speaking of existentialism in humanity, Mr. Oung supports human cloning. (!) -caution- he’d better be aware of what he’s saying. We then carried out a not-so-hyped debate in class about human cloning.. Those who support it, and those who don’t. And the only member in the supportive group was pathetically, our All-time favorite EST teacher, Mr. FELIX Oung (I’ll be dead if he sees this). Perhaps he is the first succesful clone himself, trying miserably hard to corrupt our minds so Earth would be filled with clones to annihilate humanity. But even so, YOU don’t have feelings.. you are made of mutated cells, malignant growths and nothing else. Yeah, I’d love to bring you to the movies. You would probably laugh at the main character’s death or cry plastic particles down your lifeless cheeks.

Human cloning. Man’s hybrid theory of being successfully advanced. Sure, who wouldn’t favour a clone? But then again, was it you being close to God that taught you that He is the Creator Himself? He decides every single life and death. Not you. Not I. Not the scientifically-mad people in the United States either. Plus, if your clone is as hard-headed as you, WOULD it so obediently comply to your every whim and fancy? Or, will it overpower you and make you the mentally-abused slave? Lest I forsee. And you think that’s all? No, definately not. I’d much prefer to be alone writing my diary than to have a ’shadow’ tailing at my heels. And to the couples madly in love? Would they mistakenly shower their affection to the wrong one? Or to make things worse, make love with the wrong body? Hmm.. interesting indeed. I wonder what would be the outcome? A humane plastic? Or a plastic human? By Golly! Wouldn’t that be a sight to see!

If there were to be 3.142 billion rapists, there would be another 3.142 billion which is equivalent to a ‘phi’ billion. (pronounced as ”ph-Ai’). To satisfy their ravenous libidos, 3.142 billion plus another 3.142 billion which sums up to 2phi billion unlucky ladies would feel a very intense pain. And thats empathy, fellow humans… and clones. 9months down the road, hospitals and birth centers will be filled to the brim to an extent that women will have to give birth on the road. Too bumpy? Try atop a tree. By 2010, the earth would be so suffocated with its’ contents that it will probably rotate madly at breakneck speed all the way to the Sun. A quick death is always the best remedy for a slow, painful one. And that’s sad. Which means bye-bye to man’s civillisation. Or man at all. Then cockroaches would dominate the Universe. Obviously, you (stares directly at mad-scientists) wouldn’t want that. So I suggest you take that useless piece of theory of human cloning and bury it 6feet under. And if the partially decayed corpes get their hands on it, that’s another story. Couldn’t say I didn’t forewarn you, ey? *shrugs*