Dinnertime! 😀

Today will be about the belated Merry Guinness christmas dinner I had in Finnegan's!


All dolled up for an evening of chillaxing infused with good food + kick-ass drinks, I buzzed buddy Kelly along with me for some nomnoms


Oh oh oh oumaigawd. Guinness aplenty!


A waiter of Philippine descent greeted us with the menu and we skimmed through the list of meals and drinks in a flash.

Heck, we were already so hungry! Traffic jams made it worse. It was 8pm by the time we flipped those pages.

While waiting, Mitchell (the Manager of Finnegan's) came outside to join us!

Talk about extra company


And more company! The dude on my left is true blue Irish while Mitchell on my right

is a proud product of the US of A. No prizes on guessing the nationality of us ladies!


We ordered quite a lot of food, as we were planning to share all our meals!

So naturally, it took quite a while to arrive. But issokay! We had our Guinness draught flowing non-stop as well, that pretty much distracted me from the dread of waiting to have my tummy satiated 🙂

Slurps! 😀 Taking a swig of my ice-cold frothy beer!


Down 'em all? Easily.


I dare you to dare us.


Anyhoozers, small talk and catching up distracted us from our growling stomachs.

And before we knew it, the food arrived before we could say MORE GUINNESS PLEASE? 😀

Check out our Classic Cottage Pie and cute Pizza bites!


Unlike the traditional English pastry pie, they way this was

cooked/presented somehow reminded me of lasagna! 😀


But nevetheless, boasting the same fantastic taste any beef cottage pie should rightfully have


Now allow me to indulge in my pizza bites 😀

I liked how it came in miniature pieces, so much easier to chomp it down and share among us.

No more messy and cheesy threads all over the place


Hmm.. Pizza Hut should incorporate this idea!

Ideal for sharing in large groups too. Just grab a chunk and go!

Have a bite of our pizza, would you? 😀


Despite being much smaller in size, that's as far as the reduction went.

For every bite of the pizza was bursting to the max with sausages, smoked bacon and pineapples!


Some snacks to accompany the heavy meal?

We obliged. That's our Calamari and Onion rings served in a basket!


Being a natural sucker for soup, I ordered a bowl of Leek and Potato Soup


Just a little trivia : I never really like pork.

Sure, I've gobbled down a slice of bacon or two or even a shred of pork knuckle before. But in general, I tend to avoid pork as much as I can. Why? Nothing of religious nature though, just a mere preference.

But tonight, these Barbequed Pork Ribs were too hard to resist.


So you've seen it in all its glory the moment it was placed onto the table.

But what happened in under 10 minutes? Hmm…


I swear it mischievously vanished before our eyes and landed into our stomachs.

No no no! The piccie below is NOT photographic evidence of how everything disappeared

I'm sorry you have to endure savage gluttony forced upon your viewing consumption.

On normal days I am a tad more refined when I eat, just so you know 😛


Wrapped up our delicious Irish dinner with a clink of our glasses

Cheers, babe!


Nothing like a burp of satisfaction from food paired with a smooth pint of Guinness.

Trust me, it comes hand in hand! 😀

I say no meal is complete without it


Yes Mitchell, we get your point


Merry Guinness folks! Needless to say, I had an enjoyable Monday evening! 😀 😀

Now back to reality, time to work that body!