It could be just another average (stressful!) Wednesday after work but thanks to PHILIPS Malaysia, the word ‘stress’ practically has gone out the window even before the day ended.

I was massaged, well-fed and beautified! My aching muscles were soothed and tensions eased, while my face & hair got their fair share of pampering.


Here’s the lowdown of my not-so-typical Wednesday night!

Adjourned directly from my office to the popular day-spa manor, Vila Manja in the city.


Wow! They’ve got a huge signage up too.



I was enthralled upon entering the vicinity – a lovely retreat, albeit just for one night.

Precisely what I needed! Laughing


The water feature really gives a sense of serenity and

nature-centric feel despite being indoors.



It had a traditional, South East Asian-inspired interior design.

The whole floral-wood-stone combination makes the place feel so comfortable and cosy.


So zen!





Delicious homemade refreshments were served as well, thanks to Mary, Outlet Manager of Vila Manja, as she was the brains behind all the food today.

I was also greeted with freshly squeezed fruit juice – right out of the PHILIPS juicer!


We guests were then ushered to a comfy room to wait for our appointed masseuses.


My very own little corner!


The masseuse then begin kneading, rubbing and massaging our feet (reflexology) as well as our head & shoulders.


PHILIPS sure knows how to make sure we’re pampered and prepped for the primping and dolling-up session that they have in store for us!

They turned, twisted, contorted my neck & limbs gave me such a good rubdown in all the right pressure points. Surprised




Being a regular at massages, I always prefer the hardest pressure of the strongest masseuse is able to assert.

And Villa Manja nailed it! Ha Ha





Soon after, we adjourned into another room where the Q&A session was being held.

Three lovely ladies were present to guide us through everything we needed to know about facial-related topics as well as a brief overview of what the star product of the day – Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush – can do for us.


Some of my questions were:

  1. When do I use it?
  2. How often do I use it?
  3. How long will it last before having to recharge it again?
  4. Do I put the cleanser onto my face or do I put it onto the device?


Amongst them was a special guest, Dr. Christina Chea, ready to answer all our queries about beauty and skincare from an expert dermatologist’s professional point of view.



We were told that some women go to bed without removing their makeup. Whoops! Guilty as charged – sometimes.

I must admit that I am one of the many who accidentally falls asleep with my makeup on, especially after a long night out. The moment I step home, all I see is my bed to crash on.

Or maybe I just take ‘beauty sleep’ too literally Hit with Brick

Girls, I recommend to always have a pack of baby wipes or cleansing wipes by your bedside if you’re too lazy to wash off your makeup before bedtime!



She also shared that most women don’t double cleanse their faces, especially after a full day. Do you?

Again, I have apparently committed yet another beauty sin. I do endeavour to double cleanse, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered.

Maybe that’s why my skin is so bad. Adore


Also, here’s an interesting fact she shared that I’d like to share with you too.

Did you know that your skin is only able to absorb the first 3 solutions you put on your face efficiently? This means, if you slap on like 5 products on your face after cleansing, the last 2 products won’t be absorbed as much.

So be smart! Stick to – toner, serem & moisturizer or if you need to apply more solution, then swap it with the other solutions every other day.

Thanks for the tip, Dr. Christina! 🙂



During the briefing, the Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush was passed around for us to have our very first look at it up-close and personal!

It was a sweet pastel pink-peach coloured cylindrical-shaped curved object. It was love at first sight.

Yes, I do have a penchant for pretty things. Then again, don’t we all? 😀



The 3 different brushes were also passed around.

Perfect for different skin types! The normal brush (RM59) and sensitive brush (RM65) comes included in the box set, but if you want the exfoliating brush, you can always get it for an additional RM69.



Once the product sharing session was over, we were ushered upstairs where the product LIVE demonstration was to be held.

Best part was? It will be hands-on experiment.


It was going to be demonstrated to us on our own faces!


Lights, camera, action! Are we ready?


My beauty consultant and I

Let’s put the PHILIPS VisaPure to the test. It’s MAN vs VisaPure!

3 very interesting demonstrations were conducted.

We were very involved in all the steps.

TEST 1Big Boss

The waterproof eyeliner-skin test

RESULTS: Left – cleansed by hand | Right – cleansed by VisaPure

So how does this work? Oops

Dual Motion technology is the answer. The vertical motion breaks up all impurities and removes makeup effectively.



Its rotating movement sweeps impurities away, leaving the skin deeply cleansed. 

Whilst on my skin, I also realized that the vertical motion provides a comfortable massaging effect – perfect for improving microcirculation!



TEST 2Big Boss


The foundation/BB cream-orange test

RESULT: Left: cleansed by hand | Right: cleansed by VisaPure

Cleansing your face like how you usually would with your hands.

This works especially well as the silky soft & tiny bristles easily removes all impurities over the areas which the surface of your fingers cannot.

Imagine all the dirt clogging your pores! Ahh!

VisaPure cleanses pores in a gentle yet efficient way. You can literally, FEEL the bristles deeply cleansing your face. Words do no justice – you’ve got to try it for yourself!


VisaPure is 10x more effective than cleansing by hands but just as gentle



TEST 3Big Boss


The facial self-experiment

Obviously knowing how it feels like to cleanse my face with my hands (who doesn’t? You’ve been doing it all your life, haven’t you?), I tried a hand  using the PHILIPS VisaPure – for the very first time!

We were also guided and taught the right way to use it too. Let me show you how 🙂

Start with your T-Zone

There are 3 rounds of 20 second  cleanses.

It briefly stops before continuing to the next round so you know when

to move to the next area of your face.

I had so much fun using it for the first time! It felt gentle yet stimulating to the skin.

The way VisaPure cleanses my skin makes me actually feel like it has the power to reveal my skin’s true radiance. You know how exfoliation feels like? Yeah, close enough. 



My face felt very refreshed and extra, extra squeaky clean.

Dear face, to make up for all the times I forgot to cleanse you before bedtime, I promise to pamper you with Philips VisaPure from this day forth! Wink



After the demonstration was over, the Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush suddenly reminded me of a toothbrush. Can you believe that this device is waterproof? That makes washing it so convenient.

No extra effort needed. Big Smile


Just clean it under running  water like how you would normally clean your toothbrush.

Or rinse it in a basin.


Once our faces were all cleaned – very thoroughly, if I do say so myself! – we were even treated to a makeup session by several makeup artists lined up for us.



The next station we moved to was the hair styling booth!

The hairdressers performed their magic on our hair with Philips hair tools such as Philips hair-dryers, curling tongs and straighteners.



I’ve always known Philips to be a reputable brand, heck, even some of my household products are by Philips.

But after today, it just dawned upon me that Philips really boasts a large range of beauty products – now with a newly added skincare product too!



Now that I’m all primped and beautified, I kinda wish that it was a weekend… because right now, I’m all dolled-up but have no where to go!

Oh I do. To bed, that is.



Thank you for a wonderful session and for the VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush set too, Philips Malaysia! Truly a blessing, as my face doesn’t exactly have the best skin condition. I hope my skin improves 😀

Can’t wait to give this another try at home!






When I woke up the next day, I immediately unboxed my brand new set to check out the goodies inside.



It comes complete with a charger + dock, an extra brush (sensitive) and of course, instruction/manuals.


I love the customized pouch! Big Smile

Makes bringing it around so much more convenient and

to ensure the brushes doesn’t get damaged.



Here’s some deets you probably want to know about the PHILIPS VisaPure if you’re thinking of purchasing it:



Name : Philips VisaPure Gentle Cleansing Device (SC5275 model)
Price : RM 799 per set
Content : VisaPure with 2 speed settings, 1 normal skin brush head & 1 sensitive skin brush head
Where to Buy : Harvey Norman, ISETAN or other major Electrical & Departmental Stores 



Stay tuned for my very personal, hands-on review on this product… as I take you into the bathroom with me, where VisaPure and I engage our beautiful relationship! 😉



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