I have been a fan of cheese since, forever. Any of my family members or childhood pals would know that. I was hailed as Queen Cheese in my family tree and I’d be tempted by anything that involves cheese. Hmm, and I was nicknamed Monterey Jack, the character from the cartoon Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers.

My alter-ego and his beloved piece of cheese

I guess, as you grow up, certain likings grow out. Hmm… now, although I still love cheese, I was strangely repulsed by the cheese-heinous acts of my buddies:

All I could do was to stare blankly at these bizarre cheese crimes
and watch in horror as the entire shaker ran completely out of cheese

It’s like this feeling where you could feel the bile at the end of your tongue – when one gets one too many cheese. Ya’ know what? I don’t reign in cheeseland anymore, with all due respect, I step down and pass over my cheese crown.

Any takers?