For those not in the loop yet, my guestlist is out already! Ya’ll should know where to check yea? πŸ™‚ Same place as where yall wrote your names to RSVP in [this post]

Anyways, the day is tomorrow! That’s right…. it’s gonna be

JUICE Magazine’s 7th Anniversary Bash.

It’s gonna be massive, exciting and full of fun & colours.
The theme of this year’s burfday bash is
Future So Bright.

Just came back from an awesome shopping haul again to prepare myself for what to wear tomorrow at Euphoria. Honestly, this is the 1st time Imma flaunt so much insane colours on myself. Ya won’t even recognize me anymore wtf

My colorful neon buys!

I love themed parties, especially rad ones. Where’s the fun if there ain’t no theme to unleash our creativity? So this time round, the dresscode will be anything that spells fun. Plus points go to colorful tones, neon, happyhappy joyjoy & cheery colors and don’t forget your shades! Wacky sunglasses are good to go!

tongue smileys
Can see price-tag summore FML

Sunnies are a must! It totally sets the mood of

Future So Bright.

Yeah, too bright till you just have to put on your favorite pair of shades

So for those of you who still ain’t got no clue on what to wear, think

lollipops and highlighters.

Got the whole gist yet? Awesome.
For the fellas, try decking yourself in something like this i
f you’re brave to pull it off

The dudes could just go vibrant all the way. Hmm… or just dip yourself in yellow paint and walk around in your birthday suit. Whoops! My thoughts are louder than I thought scuba diving forum

Jokes aside, Adidas is a pretty good place to hunt down some neon brights as you’re just in time for their season.

Ladies, here’s the time for you to look like a star! There’s plenty of accessories to choose from and lotsa funky colors for you to splurge on. Diva for accessories and Colors for funky clothes are pretty good places to choose your stuff for the partay!

And don’t forget your nails! Although hmm.. the fellas would prolly look pretty interesting painting their teeth with it to match your nails.

character smileys

Finally remember! There are absolutely no rules in fashion… it’s just how you wear it and pull it off. Oh but.. there is ONE rule though. Don’t ever be caught dead looking like this psycho-experiment-gone-wrong clown below. scuba diving in mexico

I don’t know who this freak is.
Do you? LOL


Imma go paint my nails now!