The SS Gang is back, with Version 2!
After a good break of half a year, SS Gang reunites to bring a bigger and a more outrageous insanity streak before you can say “Holy Cow!”

A month-long plan finally came to light and phew, it was certainly worth the plannings and whatnot. So here we are at our reunion, just us, great food, kick-ass drinks in a pretty lil home

We all arrived “on time” that’s Malaysian timing for you, but some people in particular cam extremely late =P So, we decided to prank them silly!

All of us hid in the kitchen and in the study room and made as though no one was around yet. Once silence filled the room, I (we) yelled loudly, jumped outta our hidey-hole and gave them a scare

You should’ve seen Cathy & Weng’s expressions of shock.
It was hilarious!

Anyways, we all began to help ourselves, rather ravenously mind you, to the food that each of us brought specially for the occasion. Made and bought with tender loving care ~ <3

Do you eat to live?

Or do you live to eat?

Apologies for this rather horrid picture. We were all hungry.
Did this in a rush

So yeah, we ate and ate and ate. There was so much food to go around! We were stuffed with a generous amount of a whole mumbo jumbo of Pizza, Satays, KFC, Japanese Potato Salad, Macaroni, Ham Croissants, Tuna Ommelette, Jack Daniels and Vodka.

A splendid toast to de gang!
Now slug that all down and have its bottoms towards the sky yaw.

Can you spot anything redder than the flushed faces of ours?
Yeah I can, it’s either my hair or Tze’s top.

Somehow or rather, there were three reddies in the house. No no, correction. Three FEMALE reddies in the house. There’s no need to publicly display your non-existant muscles buddy Tze.

Yes, I know you’re more incredible than The Incredible Hulk
Now, roll down your sleeves!

Love. Sex. Magic
Ciara rocks
(wtf that has nothin to do with the above photo)

Having said that, it was friggin’ coincidental that Cathy and I wore the exact same thing. Yes. You read right. The same red top and the same black shorts.

The only difference is – I have red hair AND a red face

Buddy Tze (freak of nature) and I

Ducclebears & I

So yeah, degang chatted and played some daredevil games till we laughed our heads off! I remember during our SS Gang Version 1 [click here] in 2008, we were just as silly but never this bold nor daring. Muahhaha

ok that was random.

Oh and, doesn’t it just infuriate you when you’re trying to snap a decent camwhore picture and there are keh-leh-feh’s (extras) behind ruining it?

No actually, I love people spoiling my pictures.
It keeps them alive. The pictures, I mean. Not the peeps.

Chris stonning.
Me fooling around as usual
Ducclebears being a poser
My colorful spinny bearing thoughts that we’re such baffoons

Oh and speaking the colorful spinny, Ducclebears surprised me with something I’ve always wanted to have and play with. Just that I never got round to buying it for myself ‘cos I find it rather silly to do so. Like, who in the right frame of mind would actually purchase a spinning, aerodynamic colourful toy for themselves just because they’re fascinated with it?

I certainly would not.
So.. Gracias, luv!

F I N A L L Y!
There it goes now, still spinning in the glory of its hues right atop my bedhead

Ya know, the saying – You can’t fit a square into a circle? Hmm, unfortunately I see an oversized red square with spectacles trying to fit into a picture-perfect shot of chicks. Tze dahling, you look like you just got knocked up, yaw. >_<

Look at Ducclebears in his zen position. What’s he trying to do?
Achieve Nirvana?
Well, you certainly won’t get any, as you seem to have an aura of ‘disturbance’ (read : reddies on your lap) around the wave of peace you’re supposed to accomplish.

Aww too bad.
Meditation never works, well, to me at least.

Happy happy joy joy

The step-family.
Gawd. I just realized that you’ve been my stepson for so long, you donkey.

Bond. Not James Bond.
But our bond.
now go and study for heaven sakes Yang

Under alchohol influences, it was no wonder that certain things go bump in the night. AND YOU’RE HERE GETTING THE LOWDOWN ON EVERYTHING UNCENSORED!

That being said, a shocking fluorescent yellow pair of boxers made its way out too. God knows who it belongs to, but it sure cracked me up!

Even things like gunshot marriages happens. Remember ‘What Happens in Vegas’ yall? ROFL For better or for worse, for neon boxers or for horridious underpants, for richness or for poor.

I now pronounce you Chuck Tze and Larry Chris.

You may now kiss the …. the… groom.

But but .. after all the uncensored acts, I betcha hungry for more juice! (okay that sounded wrong but oh wtf, my readers ain’t that innocent too)


Now, that’s something you wouldn’t want your momma to see..would ya?

Nahh. Actually, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Wait till you see more.
Feast your eyes on these awesome whack-jobs!

By jolly, I can see Yang’s orgasmic facial expression
and Tze’s satisfied horny look

Oh but wait! Saving the best for last, theres something really artsy about this one. Reminds me of those paintings / sketches of subjects displaying nudity. (Only that in this context, my subjects were fully clothed)

As I was editting this photo, I couldn’t help but to zoom in to get myself in tickles looking at their expressions! They could win an Oscar on posing.

Looks like someone ka-plunked so early?

Adorable Anis & I just about to go to bed

Nightfall soon turned to dawn, and we figured that if we didn’t get any sleep, we would be entirely like hungover living zombies the next day. So, goodnightey all!

Yes, the wackier, obscene & indecent side of de gang
(note : points especially to dude in black)

Our reunion gathering was a blast!
But owells, good things do come to an end – all completely tired, junked, down and out, it was time to say goodbye! Well well, we’ll see each other again, like duhh. And probably with Version 3 of the SS Gang next time! Woo hoo!

*huggggs SS family*