Holla dear readers! You have been missed 🙂

Finally back from Sabah and with thanks to Mayflower Holidays and Discovery Travel Lodge, I had an amazing discovery retreat to Mother Nature and the wild! Haha well that explains why I wasn’t able to have any proper internet connection.

Anyhoos, just an itsy bitsy sneak peak, here I am atop Malaysia Airlines en route to Sabah, the Land Below the Wind in East Malaysia.

I spy the longest river in Sabah,
the Kinabatangan River!

More of my 3-day wild escapade soon! But for now, guess what’s happening next week? It’s TM’s event day where the mysterious everyoneconnects.net will be officially launched! Come this 21st November 2009, make your way to Sungei Wang main entrance, located at the ever happening Bukit Bintang.

The event will be happening all day from 8.30am – 8.30pm so do drop by!
Our local young celebrities will be gracing the event as well, they are Shila, Modread, Tomok, Dafi, Mila, Akim and of course, the band behind the pop-punk ‘Through My Window’ – Bunkface! Bet you would already know ’em, I introduced them [here]

And that’s not all!

Three important figures in the music industry will be there as well. I wonder who it is ey?
Well, I love all 3 of them. What a coincidence! Surprise surprise, find out who they are on the day itself 🙂

Lotsa things will
be happening during the event. It’ll be fun, you bet! And there will also be a very, I repeat, VERY SPONTANEOUS thing happening too!

So remember to get yourself there! See ya around fellas : )

And okay I promise the AAR post will be up next!
Lotsa piccies, ya wont be dissapointed
/pinky promise