Nyahahahaha! I’m really glad I’ve managed to spread the lurrve for that mysterious song to you fellas that was played all over the radio, announced all over Malaysian newspapers, published all over the web! Oh and one of you also informed me that it was now on telly too! : ) Thanks for the heads up!

Hear it again with the official video! 🙂
Squeee! They’re trapped in a boxywhitethingamajiggy

See this awesome possum viral effect it has? Thing is, I just love the chorus and *high5* to those who shares the love for this pop-punk song by Bunkface too! Anyway guess what?


Now it’s your turn to sing a cover of Bunkface’s latest song, Through My Window! Think you got what it takes? I ain’t no Simon Cowell but I dare say that if you think you’ve got the voice to belt out your very own version of that song… then go ahead and see where it takes you : )

Check out some of our young local celebs singing their own take on this popular song too. If they can do it, no harm trying too right? Everyone’s gotta start somewhere! Lemme introduce them to you :

They are Shila, the runner-up of popular local singing competition
– One in a Million

Align Center
Tomok, the winner of One in a Million.
He pocketed one million bucks from that, gosh!

Modread, the progressive rock band (Hot.fm)

Dafi, Mila and Akim of Akademi Fantasia fame
– Malaysia’s 1st reality television show.

And finally, who could forget the original singer who spurred the hype of it all? Bunkface, our pride and joy of the local pop-punk outfit will be there too, so getcha autograph books or cameras ready!

So to all the aspiring singers out there or even yes, bathroom singers, here’s your chance! Get together in a band or come as an individual and try your luck for the Banner Concert audition to sing ‘Through My Window’ to wow the judges!

So aim for your passions and give it a shot in singing! Either that, or come with your buddies and sing just for the fun of it! Anything goes, try it for yourselves during the auditions. Here’s the lowdown :

Banner Concert Audition
Orange Entrance Area, Sunway Pyramid
31st October & 1st November
12pm – 6pm

Or *ahem* if you’re too shy, you can log onto everyoneconnects.net to upload a self-recorded video of yourself singing. The best video will be chosen to run on online portals! You’re gonna be a star babehhh

But then again honestly, I wouldn’t wanna miss out the fun on attending the aforementioned event as well. The hitz.fm cruisers will be there in their very recognizable purple van! Woots! Cya there!

But first
sleep with your good luck charm & keep your fingers crossed!
(cute anot my pink kitty? lol)