Bears come in all shapes and sizes, and err… expressions too. LoL
Remember when I talked about the Tulan Bear at the library – here? haha

Recently, sweetheart made a bear outta styrofoam for one of his projects and guess what his previous project was? A bear made of butter.

Before anyone thinks that it was a designated assignment, you’re wrong. It was a choice!! A choice to do anything you want made of styrofoam and butter.

And he decided on a bear.
Umm.. I presume he has a thing for bears? LoL. The 1st Christmas prezzie he gave me back in 2004 when we were still in HighSchool was an off-white teddy bear with a patchwork sewn on its heart. And it has been with me ever since! We still love him just as much =)

Lil Benjie
Yup that’s him. My precious. We even wrapped sweetheart’s PenangFreeSchool tie around his neck =)

But I’m still lovin’ the styro bear!

It was interesting to see the work in progress. I was busy doing my Photo assignment while he was extremely occupied with his styrofoam bear.

And had our share of foolin’ around


We had some snacks in between.. behold the Secret calories hidden in the Recipe!

Little by little, the bear came to life!!

Hunny, your bear looks so upset.
What did you do to hurt his feelings?

Lil bear was still upset even the next day when being presented to the lecturer,

No wonder you were upset lil bear!

I sensed that there was something bothering you all this while. Now that you’ve shared with us all, perhaps someone could make him a styrofoam armpit? Please?

Oh well, despite the silly distractions, sweetheart and I managed to complete our assignments:

Photo Communication assignment

Behold, the finished products of sweetheart & I

*love and bear hugs to all*