Hey heyyy I know you guys have been waiting for this… and a promise is a promise come whatever. I’ll try not to let anything affect me after the bereavement of my beloved grandfather so I guess Imma just put this up right now.

So here goesss!


It was an early start of the day on Saturday, when American punk-rock outfit ‘The All American Rejects’ came down to Malaysia some nights before. Jet-lagged as they were expected to be, I was surprised they were just their quirky self, all the same… Showing no signs of lethargy.

Bumped into the Sony Manager too!
πŸ™‚ great to see ya again

We were served lunch before the press conference and ohmy, what caught my eyes were the bread & butter pudding and the scallop & asparagus mini pie-looking things!


When the 4 lads walked into the room, they were swarmed with flashes of DSLRs and other cameras alike. Yours truly, were one of them!


Hey if I don’t mobb them you wouldn’t be able to relish these photos right πŸ™‚


While Tyson did most of the talking, he emphasized that The All American Rejects will never let their fans down by cancelling a concert just like that.


He shared with us why their concert which was initially scheduled on the 10th Oct 09 got postponed to today. I think if you knew, ya wouldn’t be that upset.

They were even sharing the microphone
Look how close they are!

Tyson had a reeeelllyyy bad injury! The docs sed that his whole leg had to be amputated should he persue the earlier tour. Now we wouldn’t want that to happen to the frontliner of AAR, would we?


Digi Music Live then presented AAR an impressively framed gold framed gift and also a life-sized get well card for Tyson. So thoughtful of the organizers, no? πŸ™‚


Crystal and I then proceeded to the round table session where we got to interview Nick and Tyson. Guess what’s the 1st thing I asked him?


– being the body art fan that I am πŸ™‚

He told us that he has 7 of them and each of it has a meaning. If I remember correctly, this was what he shared:

  1. Lip tattoo which says ‘MUM’
  2. Back arm tattoo : a symbol to protect him against dangerous women O_O”
  3. Shoulder tattoo : Electrical socket (to charge the band)
  4. Chest tattoo : AAR band logo
  5. Finger crease tattoo : a peace symbol
  6. *Cant remember whe
    re* : heart shape (did it together with his drummer)
  7. *ant remember where & can’t remember what)

Fans lined up as early as evening!

Bryan and I then hungout in Dome cafe to kill time while waiting to head down to Bukit Jalil for the much anticipated DiGi Live Music – All American Rejects gig.


As usual, we had our top local bands kickstarting the event; such as Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short, Disagree and more. I liked the part where One Buck Short performed with singers from Bunkface and other bands because the former band’s lead singer was hospitalized. Talk about uniting in the name of music!


FINALLY The All American Rejects hit the stage, after almost an hour of our waiting while watching a looping MTV on the big screen.


They sang songs off their previous album as well as all time chart topping tracks from their latest one ‘When The World Comes Down’.


I remember headbanging really hard to some of my faves ‘Swing Swing’, ‘It Ends Tonight’, ‘Dirty Lil Secret’, ‘Gives You Hell’,


Nick was looked so suave on stage with both his acoustic and electric guitar. He’s my fave member! Sorry, another Nick photo below because I fancy him like that. πŸ™‚


Tyson was his usual quirky self and got really hyper putting on a Native American feathered headgear for Halloween. He mentioned that it is a norm for peeps from his origin, Oklahoma.


Dirty Lil Secret!

The boys made up pretty well to their fans with more showtime on stage. More than an hour of AAR’s live performance!


Bumped into some friends who were enjoying themselves and jumping around as well!


We all had fun, I betcha! I’m sure we were really glad to catch yet another of our fave artists playing right infronta us for real!