Teddy Tales is back : Episode Two!

Well well, I’m here again. Mommy’s been busy lately with all her photoshoots and events. Somehow I wish she could bring me along but obviously, her colleagues will laugh at her.. for I am a teddy.

So what?
I love being at home.
Especially when mommy leaves her headphones behind

Oh but wait. I heard there’s an animal party coming soon. Hmmm.. I wonder if admission includes teddies too? I hope mommy covers that event instead of the lame Hennessy Artistry 🙁

For I doubt that event allows me to go in

I’ll just be waiting for her to blog about it. Shhhh don’t tell mommy I peeked at her bloggy. AND SIGNED IN TO HER ACCOUNT TO BLOG TOO!

Anyway, if she goes to that event, I’ll just be waiting for her to come home. In the meantime, I could just fool around with mommy’s brand new headphones again. But but but.. I don’t like the punk, goth and emo rock songs she listens too.

Oh My.
They’re waay to big for me!

Anyway, mommy went rock climbing just now with a good friend of hers. I think his name is Zhao. Hey, she should consider bringing me there too. Cos he brought his teddy along!! Not fair at all! Like hello? I’m a bear, and I think i should naturally be able to climb rocks.. no?

But randomly,
Why does mommy play with other kids?

Well, I’m not complaining.
At least she cuddles me to sleep every night.
Hmmph, take that, you stupid toy

Love you all the same mommy.
yay she’s back home!

p/s – Mommy doesn’t smell good after rock climbing.
🙁 Don’t cuddle me