After a tedious day of work, running errands and having a cuppa with roomie, Kel Li and Nigel at Old Town, I’m home at last.

Intending to make a beeline for bed the moment I unlocked the doors of the house, I suddenly decided against it. For what I saw didn’t only amuse me; it kept me locked in fascination. It was only after a few seconds I smiled to myself and pulled out the camera.

I care not what roomie thinks, for she was bewildered with my peculiar behavior. And of course, her giggles followed thereafter. Yes, I was squatting by the doorway of where my fave pair of Converse & heels disheveled and shot away like no one cared.

You guessed right.
I saw a single crisp white feather amongst my shoes, on the parquet floor.

… and how did it get there?

aim smileys It is puzzling, no?

Now before you begin to psychoanalyze me of this oddity, I can assure you that none of the fuses in my grey matter succumbed to any form of short-circuit as we speak. Woi… can I be like, human arh?

aim smileys
Little things tend to spark my interest too ya’know.
I then rolled a stack of old newspapers to channel my flashgun’s radiant energy directly to the feather in question.

It’s the little things in life you never noticed that counts. war smileys

Hence the much publicized feather that made its way to the assembly of my footwear… and that goes without saying

How far have you traversed in life only to realize
you haven’t stopped to smell the flowers?