After an event by Maxis, (which I will blog about soon) I sped off in my lil ride across the city to get to the extremely popular nightspot called the Sky Bar. The 1st thing I thought of “Sky Bar” when the fab peeps behind this invited me was that I will definitely be partying more than 200 metres above sea level.

Pretty dope, ey? 🙂

Me with the gals

And with the dudes

Literally, a sky bar high up on the highest floor of Traders Hotel
overlooking the city skyline! Such love


I was given a goodie bag upon reaching, certainly I love what’s in it! Haha I thought it was a really nifty lighter at first *stares cock at Joshua, Tock & Ren*

It says “Passion for Perfection”

When I was told about this whole ongoing program by a mixology institution, the Horeca School of Excellence, I was rather impressed! It is a twice-a-year programme that is currently available only in Malaysia with an objective in promoting the excellence amongst F&B employees.


International trainers are brought in for this programme to train some of the local workers in the F&B industry and thus there’ll be consumer engagement session called “Mini-Bar Nights” which provide trainees to feature their own cocktail concoctions putting in practise some the service skills acquired.

To date, about 1000 service personnel from more than 40 F&B outlets have graduated from this programme.
Totally reminds me of Hogwarts yo.


So yeah, we had 3 World Class Bartenders whipping their magic in brewing fine and unique concoctions for us all. They were flown internationally all the way here to serve the public in preparing cocktails.


Meet the 3 big names in the industry with many years of experience under their belt – Chanond from Bangkok, Maya from Stockholm and Kelli from New York

Toying around with my camera for added value! 🙂
Can you handle their mixed personalities?

For that night itself, the free flow of cocktails were as follows:

Sun Ripen Passion, Robusto Mojito, Kings Blend and etc

Love that minty taste of peppermint leaves!

Tonight’s not just the only night mind you, there will be more sessions of Mini-Bar Nights:

17th November 2009 at Aliyaa, Bukit Damansara, 8pm
18th November 2009 at The Social, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 8pm


and the largest on on 20th November 2009 at Maison, 10pm

Align Center

All cocktails on Horeca’s ENCORE menu served will be at RM10 nett! It will be open to public & No cover charge needed on the Mini Bar Nights mentioned above


Okay back to what happened tonight

I liked the way she mixes fashionably too!
That gurl’s got spunk

We were singing along to the live band there too! They played lotsa old skool rock, acoustic and classic songs. Amazing combination of instruments and vocals!


Needless to say, we all had a good time!


While they were all busy mixing and entertaining the public


to make this amazing drink bursting with flavour!


When I grow up, I don’t wanna be a star, don’t wanna be famous, don’t wanna be in movies, don’t wanna see the world, don’t wanna drive nice cars, don’t wanna have boobies

I wanna be a sorcerer, wanna be pro in witchcraft and wizardry, wanna stir my potions, wanna make magic for all to enjoy!

(I just hope you won’t get poisoned)