All the hype on KDU’s DJ talent search is now over, and for the mentors – the dedication is over. Hmm, now we know how you feel, Mr. Ken! LOL

A selected handful of us were chosen to be student mentors of the DJ competition. Here, a high school student (a contestant) was to be placed under our care, for us to impart knowledge on the basics of DJ-ing, announcing, and other aspects of the DJ console/mixer.

And trust me, we’re a bunch of wacky mentors!

And that’s NOT even half of us

OkayOkay, enuff. Here’s the REAL boss for the day :

Oh, on second thought – This is an even BIGGER boss

our lecturer Mr. Ken!
How could I forget

Anyway, ’nuff with us mentors.

On the first day of the workshop, those highschool students were given to us at random. And I now introduce, my mentee – forth former, Ivan Pang of ChungLing High School!

Ivan & I prior to the competition
yes, he IS tall
( I was wearing heels even with my height, so you can imagine how tall he is)

So yeah, after two weeks of being in constant communication with our mantees and training sessions of using the console and DJ-ing, they were all set to put their best foot forward!

During one of our training sessions, Ivan requested a picture to be taken for keepsakes & memories of his first time ever in competitions of such

Oh and, thanks for sending me the picture Ivan

So yeah it went on and on… intensive trainings and sometimes, chillaxing during the sessions. Oh well, we need a break too sometimes! Overall, I hope u had fun during our trainings – hope I wasn’t too harsh on you! =P

So anyway, the competition started late, typical Malaysian timing. Heh.

Mentors & their mentees were doing their last few rounds of practising in our recording studio
(oh and if you were wondering why everyone is donning black, Switch sponsored our t-shirts)

Spotted Drea & her mentee Seumas grabbing some time to surf blogs.
Haha.. and I saw mine!

We even had time to leave our marks on the whiteboard

And while all these were happening upstairs,

Other mentors were busy downstairs helping to set up the
DJ console
and the mike stands etc..

Persistant Ragu was still mentoring his mentee even at the last moments

As the competition is about to begin, one couldn’t help but to wonder what was in store for the winners, no?

Success says it all


the success of all successes says it louder!

So you guys ready?
And 3..2..1, we’re on air!

First contestant & mentor Nads

When it began, it was all good. My mentee Ivan was the 2nd contestant and boy, here it goes

That’s me, Ivan & the two producers preparing before we took off
on of the Judges from USM looks on

See how he goes!

There was a guest DJ in the house though, we flew him all the way from Singapore. DJ Janrius the oh-so-cool one that I think I’ve already self-proclaimed myself as his Number 1 fan. He’s friggin’ off the hook!
No, seriously. Like, hell yeah!

A very experienced DJ-turned-producer, so nevermind the grey hair eh?
I reckon he’s about 40-odd.

Oh so what?
He’s forty & fabulous!
(p.s. I don’t have fetish for older men f.y.i)

He gave us an interesting insight & some lessons on basic turntablism & how to work Apple Inc.’s latest software for DJs – Scratch Live

Scratch Live on his lil MacBook

All of us found him his lessons very interesting indeed


At one point during the competition, I got ssssso weary and couldn’t stop thinking about the MTV Asia Awards that I HAD to miss because I’m right here right now in college. *dreams on…* ahh, screw it. WTF

Before my mind drifted off into imagining how it would be like seeing Jared Leto (Frontman of the rock band – 30 Seconds to Mars) emceeing during the prestigious event held at The Arena of Stars Genting…

My bubble was burst to the booming voice of the emcee of this event instead – Mr. Mark Felix’s voice.

Hmm, now that’s very charming of you Mr. Mark
More charming than Jared Leto perhaps?

Oh and you know sometimes, when I don’t pay attention in class, I compare Mr. Mark to King Leonidas

Oh well, it was just SAD that I missed the MTV Asia Awards in Genting. Maybe, it’s worth it after all, even Sweetheart said it was. He said “concerts can come & go but when will you actually get another chance to be a student mentor for a DJ competition?”

So I guess, it was an event worth missing.

Well, at least our lil son Benjie can sit pretty wearing my MTV Asia Awards invitation ticket

Click to enlarge
Aww.. he’s lovin it
Can you spot me in the tiny picture on the invitation?

Back to where we left off, it was already our lunch break by the time I came back from Planet CrazyImagination.

Who can do without fooooood?

No one can

Daniel was getting a lil sleepy as usual so we camwhored for a while

thank me

I also took my mentee Ivan around for a lil tour around college and this was what we saw in our college’s in-house restaurant – Bon Appetit

A fine butter sculpture work of a friend
Doesn’t it look adorable with the lil bow tie? =D

Just before the winners were announced, DJ Janrius gave us a mindblowing performance! We were dancing and putting our hands up in the air like there was no tomorrow. His awesome remixes of latest numbers and addictive beats made us feel like letting down our hair and parttttaayyyyy!

That’s him doing his thang!

Seumas & I went mad during the chorus of Flo-Rida’s Low

It was cool that Seumas Teh, came back for his 2nd time this year. He joined last year but didn’t quite make it… so this time, he’s back even more prepared and with a brimming goal to win this competition!

When you fall once, pick yourself up and try again

And his motivation did him proud – he walked away being champion! Beside him are the 1st runner up Zoe & 2nd runner up Richard. Although I’m not Seumas’s mentor, I’m still proud of him.

My heartiest congratulations to you Shayyyyy-maassssss

but beware folks, my mentee has vowed to return and make his 2nd comeback just like Seumas did. Call me when you do, Ivan and I’ll come over to watch you!