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okay so.. what’s the latest?

A fellow blogger of mine recently organized this Creative Tomato Contest. Don’t ask me why ‘tomato’ instead of ‘potato’ or ‘broccoli’. It’s just that his blog happened to be named Speaking Tomato, hence the Tomato Contest.

So to explain, there were 3 categories.

1. Funniest Tomato
2. Adorable Tomato
3. Scariest Tomato

and me being truly me.. I entered the third category. *grins*
I’ve always had an affinity for all things goth, punk and basically bad-boy/bad-girl stuff since high school. So yeah. It speaks for itself =)

Okay here goes. It took more than an hour to stage my shots but it was worth it. Just sharing the preparation stages with all of you.

1. I made my fangs outta stiff white paper. Rolled them up and dipped them with the bloody-tomato ketchup.


2. Nail polish : dark red

3. Wore a black collared blouse to create the Count Dracula look

4. Did some dark make-up with dark-red-almost-black lipstick and black eyeshadow

5. I took a face mask to put on my face to give myself the zombie-with-peeling-skin look

6. Poured tomato ketchup and smeared it all over my face. (trust me, this part sucks)

Mum helped me with the smearing


7. Gathered my nasty stuff : chains, devilish horns, studded spiked wrist band, and of course the sharp kitchen knife

8. Switched of ALL the home lights and lit up two candles (as dim source of lighting)

9. Final and MOST IMPORTANT element – the tomatos!!!

10. Now, let the camera roll! (this part takes a very long time)

The prizes are a RM50 voucher and a glass chess set.
And yes I’m eying it.

LOL. The lengths I’ll go to just to win it.

And here’s just ONE of the many shots. Take a look:


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