Mommy has a new gear!

She’s so into it and seems to spend more time with it taking my picture! YAY!

Which piccie do I look sexier in?

Oh wait.. they’re almost the same


Look how I just love playing with mommy’s gadgets. I fooled around with her headphones the last time if ya’ll can remember, and now:
her new 50mm prime lens!
Is it her burfday already? I guess not.

Anyway, she told me to update you guys. Mommy’s in Ipoh now with no internet connection. *sigh* Poor her. She’s stuck in this dodgy old cybercafe just to go online. Yes, I’m laughing at her now!

Mommy says to onion Josh :

“Thanks Ducclebears. Love ya!”

p.s – I look sexy with mommy’s camera