I’ve just returned from the premier screening of State Of Play and I must say, I was pretty apprehensive about the storyline before watching it. Standing on a completely biased ground initially, here’s my review.

Heck, Russel Crowe looked like a homeless stray hobbo in the movie. God bless the hair omfg. He can’t get any shabbier even if he tried. Like seriously, what’s with the unruly hair?

A journalist CAN be immaculate too ya’ know. We aren’t all that broody. YOU need a makeover, buddy.

They even have a pretty boring poster being publicized. It failed some brownie points from me, as it didn’t catch my eye! From the poster, I was expecting some long-winded movie filled with solemn moments of people talking.

But I was wrong.
Horribly wrong.

I loved the movie!
There never was a moment where I looked at the time nor reply an SMS. It kept my attention span in such a tight grip that I realized I was sitting bolt upright in the midst of showtime. Kel Li had her legs up like a trishaw woman (omg don’t murder me)

Rachel McAdams starred alongside Russel Crowe and Ben (omg the hottie) Affleck as well. I was inspired by her determined and inquisitive nature. Those characteristics are what I see in a true journalist.

It revolved around journalists digging for a case and a story… furious editors yelling their heads off for their poor lil minions to meet the deadline. Been there, done that…heh. I totally get it, very normal.

character smileys I loved the part where he was trapped in the basement carpark with the professional assassin! That part could probably make my pulsating heartbeat put a stampede to shame.

When I got home, buddyBenj and I were talking a wee bit about the movie. Yeah, he went online to watch every movie premiering in the United States. That’s so him LOL

We came to a conclusion that we preferred Rachel McAdams the bimbo in the movie Mean Girls.
She seemed too intelligent in this movie. XD

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The aesthetics of the movie was fantastic too. With excellent mis-en-scene and storyline, I’d say an excellent 20 thumbs up for this one. The company was great too, watched it with buddies Kel Li, Nigel, David, Jen, Aaron and LOL @ Thomas who had to leave halfway. *tsk tsk tsk*

Randomly, I like this picture because it
makes look like a little kid all over again

Though I don’t dig Jappy anime/manga, I’m going to catch the premier screening of Blood : The Last Vampire tonight. Let’s not hope that it’ll be another crappy vamp movie.

I dislike Twilight I dislike Twilight I dislike Twilight