OMG sorry! I’ve been really really busy, gosh. Was out the entire day yesterday and today. In fact, I just came home from Visiber’s ‘Bible of Numbers’ Grand Launch and Gala Dinner. Traffic was merciless after the event. Argh! Can’t do much for today too but I promise you swell updates soon! Yes, 2nd episode about my adventures being thrown into the wilderness of Sabah rainforests and river cruising too.

Day #2 coming up next!
Here’s [Day #1’s entry] if you haven’t already saw it 🙂
Yes I spent an entire day with giant cockroaches and bat poo in a cave.


Kthxbai. I’ve got 500+ photos to filter and touch up now to submit to Martell V.S.O.P tomorrow! Won’t be getting much sleep tonight I reckon 🙁 Anyhoozers, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so I cracked up some stuff! Got really tired of skimming through the entire batch of photographs that

I decided to take a break and create some LOLcats fun. So you’ve seen 2 of my 1st set already. More to fun to come soon! (yes at the expense of those poor felines which I shot :P)


Hope ya like it!

Oh randomly, after asking on Twitter for some opinions on a GO or NO GO this afternoon, I decided succumb to majority and bought a really adorable retro black & red hairband bow.

Looks pink in the piccie but it’s NOT
It’s red.

What dya think? 🙂 Hee