Okay, like I promised… here’s my complete post on KL’s Hennessy Artistry @ Upstairs, The Loft. Been looking forward to it all month!

So yeah, a continuation from my previous post about this year’s Hennessy Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing feat. Starz Angels, Caprice & VJ Spacebar.

The crowd was mad, as expected. No one wanted to miss this event! I attended the press conference before the party started, and heck, Starz Angels was sucha hyper bunch! They were practicaly fooling around with one another the whole time

Hennessy was served in shot glasses (yumyum!) and the atmosphere was just krazy. So many familiar faces headed here to party as well.

I know I hardly ever do this, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves :


Right after the press conference

Fellow shouter Andrew & I

Pretty Shar & I

Suresh a.k.a Ketiakman & I

Just about to enter the club

Babes Jen, Kel & I

My Jizz-Partner & I

Hikaru, Myself & Yat

I find this picture very interesting
Thanks Zues!

Caprice stole the show

Oh yes he did *dreams*

I know I have an insanely wicked smile on my face

This piccie is adorable!
Look at Jen’s face 🙂

Where ma partay at?

LOL random piccie
Thanks Aaron!

Another group piccie

Joshua liked this piccie cos his hair was as red as mine

Bloggers United!
Thanks fo the piccie Andrew!

We spent the after-party chomping down some mamak food.
It’s supper time!

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