Traveling around the world has always been regarded as a luxury among the wealthy. But now, even if you don’t fall within the above-average income families, it’s fantastic to know that almost everyone can tour the world.


Like my previous trip to the Langkawi Islands, I headed down for a good holiday weekend of relaxation with a group of friends. We had so much fun, booze, island hopping, speedboat riding and crazy moments! Well after all, what is a holiday without an ADVENTURE?


Imagine going on a holiday with NOTHING to worry about.This means, not having to source for your own transport arrangements, looking high and low choosing among the best hotel rates and being clueless on your meal arrangements and where to go.


Nowadays, travel specialists and agencies have been the best option among people who are in the mood for great holiday packages ! Don’t you agree? Many budget airlines, affordably priced accommodation and modes of transport are seen working together with them – especially during the holiday season.

Whether it be with family

or your better half

Let these Travel Specialists work their magic and all you have to do is well – pick your destination and duh, enjoy your holiday!

breaking into the clear waters of my island getaway

As the end of the year is drawing closer, it’s time to engage in the 4th gear of your holiday-mood before all the best deals run out. Trust me, there is no other place ya wanna go this weekend (4th, 5th & 6th Sept) except the MATTA Fair. Better be early, lest you pay more to travel than you actually should.

holidayin in 2007

For those who ain’t familiar with what the MATTA Fair is all about, it’s this massive exhibition with the greatest holiday packages and travel rates organized by the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents.

They’ve mad awesome deals and rock-bottom prices,
with too much amazing holiday packages to choose from!

I’m honoured to be in touch with a very reputable company who are in this field of expertise and has come a long way since 1960. I bet this may sound familiar, especially to those travel junkies or those who are keen on traveling. It’s none other than Mayflower Travels.

Psst… guess what? You’ll be just as amazed as I am, when you see Mayflower Travels‘ number of awards, recognitions and also their partnerships with numerous 5-Star hotels, both local and international. Whoa! They’ve got accolades from Malaysia Airlines too!

Check out what’s in store for you exclusively at
Mayflower Travels‘ booth this weekend :

The early bird always catches the worm – be sure to be as early as possible! From 8am-10am during the fair, you will get zero booking fees for flights upon purchase and also gift vouchers up to RM300. Kids eat for free too!

But if you’re like me, who prefers sleeping through your mornings, fret not. There will be All Day Specials for peeps like us. From 10am-9pm, you’ll stand a chance to receive up to RM400 cashback rebates, free travel insurance, free family stays and a membership for kids to travel for free with the Kidz Travel Club.

my toes just love the holiday wave

They have very affordable packages that takes you to Tokyo Japan, USA, Korea, Europe, Taiwan, Middle East, Hong Kong, Indonesia and of course travelling locally in Malaysia.

Click here to see more of those great deals & promotions

Go see it, I personally like the Phuket & Koh Samui package for only RM183 and the Langkawi package for only RM61. Damn worth your money man

Oh and guess what, there are all-day contests for you peeps too!

A chance to tour Bali, China and Europe for absolutely free! And finally, if you’re lucky enough to win the contest, a Nissan Grand Livina, which costs almost a whopping RM90K will be yours for keeps. Remember to gimme a ride aye?

See this Fruit Pyramid?

Okay fine, Imma give ya another heads-up. There will also be this very cute Fruity Tutty Specials at the Mayflower Travels’ booth. It will be a huge pyramid of various kinds of fruit, all piled and stacked up for you to take home as many as you can – completely on the house.

Many hands make light work!
Bring an Octopus to help you with the fruits, if you may.

To entertain you, there will be a special appearance by Maria Cordero. She’s a singer-actress-chef from Macau. (Wow, that’s something new) Affectionately known to her fans as ‘Fat Mama’, this woman can sure cook up a good song!
I’ve YouTubed her and boy, she’s a good entertainer.

So if you’re in Malaysia or KL this season, be sure to head to the Mayflower Travels booth during the MATTA Fair. It’s definitely worth checkin’ out, fo shure.


Planning a holiday with them has never been easier, as their packages with very affordable deals will give you the most gratifiying experience of travelling – ever.

To enter the main MATTA exhibition hall at the Seri Pacific Hotel, an entrance fee will be implied. But don’t worry! Mayflower Tours is smart enough to hold their booth at the lower lobby/foyer, and not the main MATTA hall. So there’s n
o entrance fee
needed at all if you visit their booth.

The hotel is just directly opposite the PWTC
or click here to for a more comprehensive map on how to get there

…and this time, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket after your trip.
Enough of being a workaholic – you deserve a holiday. I know I do! 🙂

Do yourself a favour and
click here

edit :
WOW looks like MATTA Fair was a blast!
Check out a few piccies of what you’ve missed

Mayflower B-Boys doin their thang. When you see those trademark colours, ya wont miss it. The balloon is enormous too!

Wheel of fortune! I bet he can’t wait to know what amazing deals awaits him.

Maria Cordero being welcomed by the VVIPs! Hmmmm.. do I see that Grand Livina in the background? Wooots!

Grabbing free fruits at Mayflower’s booth! There’s enough to go around! Kids & even oldies were seen tryin their luck