I’ve always been a fan of fine dining – come to think of it, isn’t everybody? Hmm I’m pretty sure if we all had enough moolah to throw around, everyone would be flocking to those fine dining spots and posh eateries already.

Enter reality.

Truth be told… while most of us can only hit those fancy-pancies come special occasions, I’m pretty sure there are some who are lucky enough to just burn money and walk in as often as they like.

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Screw you!

Thanks to Shirley Hoo of Prince Hotel for extending us bloggers some invitations for this food tasting session, we got our taste of some exquisite French cuisine.

Chef Jerome, the Executive Chef
cooks up a storm!

In this new menu presentation, we were served with fine portions and a good combination of foie gras, mussel soup, cod fishes, roasted beef and caramel custards.

Fancy some wine to go hand-in-hand with these?

Le Bouchon isn’t like an outlet like any other set in the row of the thriving F&B square of Changkat Bukit Bintang. It’s one of the premier ones which for your info, is an 8-time award holder of the Malaysian Tatler’s Best Restaurants.
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Lemme take you around for a lil visual tour, shall we?

Upon entering, you will be greeted to the likes of many wine bottles all arranged by indexes and organized in order. Also, a wooden coffee table for two for those wine-lovers out there to chill.

Antique setting

After walking down a few flights of steps, you’ll come to an intersection where a door on your left leads you to the kitchen. You obviously do not go in there… however, you can peer at those hardworking chefs preparing your meals via the glass pane just like I did!

There will also be a little fishpond at the corner laced with more wine bottles.

Authentic interior decor

There are a few different sections for you to choose from though – the mainroom, the private room and the couple room. Plenty of room for different occasions!

Ranging from table for 10s or table for 2s

But we obviously sat at the main room, just like everyone else. Heck, because we prefer our comfort just like that. It’s merrier there and more ‘happening’ too.

This was where we dined

Okay, time to vanquish those gastric juices already! To kick-start the whole session, we were served with some bite-sized cookies and warm house bread. Following which was the Appetizer itself, Terrine de Foie Gras maison.

photo credits to Ken

For those not in the know, Foie Gras is actually goose liver. Heh.
Our appetizer was served with fig jam and grilled sour dough bread. I reckon those were necessary to neutralize the rich after-taste of our Foie Gras. Flavourful, no doubt.


edit :
Here’s a very good suggestion by one of my readers to share in this entry. Just so you guys know, Foie Gras is actually pronounced as ‘FUAH-GRAH’ and not like how it is pain-stakingly pronounced as ‘FOI-GRASS’ by most Malaysians.


Next up on the line is the Soupe de moules noires au safran et legumes aromatiques. Nevermind the extremely long dish name.


It’s basically black mussels and saffron soup with aromatique veggies. Good things come in small portions, I couldn’t get enough of this! Every last drop was worth a voyage into wonder.

Let’s take a closer look at those springy yet tender mussels.

Man, they were succulent

As we moved on to the main courses, I could not help but to rub my hands together with glee.. especially when I knew there was gonna be some fish on the plate. Long-time readers of benjicajessdotcom will already know that I’m a lover of all things fishy. (Pun unintended)

Served with asparagus, this roasted codfish was to die for.
I’d give them brownie points for the beetroot sauce too!

Get ready for the name of this dish in French. It’s called *deep breath* Filet de morue roti au sirop d’erable et piment, asperges vertes a l’ail, beurre blanc de betterave. Woots! Try saying that in one breath LOL

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3 of us ladies then took a walk around just before the next dish came. We were honestly complimenting the place like there was no tomorrow. Imagine a fancy French restaurant with interior decor made to look just like home – cosy, really.

The wine table by the window

As cosy as it is, there were immaculate sculptures with fine carvings as well. Check out this statue of a medieval angel atop a mantelpiece of the makeshift fireplace.


Wine glasses!
Which came in all different shapes & sizes

When we got back, wine was served already. We had white wine and red wine altogether.


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Personally, I enjoyed the white wine the best. Very light, but refinely sweet at the same time. Getting more and more familiar with wine, as I recently attended a wine tasting session too with Chris, but that’s another story yea?

Got a little flushed after 2 glasses of wine
throughout the entire session

Back to where I left off, we had Roasted Beef Tenderloin. I instantly took a liking to it as was glazed with Bordeaux wine sauce and it was perfectly done. Not anything close to overdone toughness yet not undercooked with those bloody traces of flesh.

It came with ratatouille veggies and sauteed potatoes
with smoked duck bacon

Heavenly. This is a winner for all you carnivorous meat-swashbuckling lovers out there. According to Chef Jerome, the cattle imported over are all grass fed. Unlike those grain-fed ones. Anyway, more beef pictures for you?

If you noticed, this is the same dish as
the 1st introductory photograph!

The steak made us full to the brim.. with absolute goodness! Ahyes.. I’m pretty sure I wont be touching another slab of meat for the next couple of days. Heh. Don’t wanna overkill, yo! < span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 255);">But make no mistake, that Roasted Beef is one to get your teeth sinkin’ into.

Dessert came to wrap up our dinner session with sugary sweetness of a caramel custard. It was Creme Brulee with raspberries – known in French as Creme Brulee aux framboises.

Loved the texture.
My tastebuds sang in unison upon tasting it

The upper crust layer was hard and sweet, but once you scoop it up with your spoon a smooth milky taste of custard follows through. As I hit rock bottom, the raspberries ended my experience with a sourish-sweet spring of fruity delight.
Sidney & Myself

Le Bouchon is where you wanna be – be it a date, a family dinner or any special occasion. Dayemmmm. Truly a pinnacle of exquisite French fine dining. Uber ‘atas’ I tell ya.

One for the road. Great session guys!
Let’s all work as little minions for Chef Jerome shall we?

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