Just got back from an extremely short trip to Penang for an appointment with Hard Rock Hotel’s Communication Manager Elisa Saw, over lunch. I had a Salmon Steak and Chocolate Ice Blended – which were my top faves in Hard Rock Cafe!


Can’t believe she only had Wild Mushroom Soup and a bowl of French Fries, like seriously babe, that’s all? Coolios. She kept yammering about needing to go on a diet, well the only person that needs dieting is certainly not her! It’s me LOL 🙂

Thanks for the awesome meal yo!

Anyway, remember the BRANDs Generasi Hebat launch I attended with Jaclyn and Cheesie [here]? Well the video is finally out for us to see!

After seeing the vibrant, fresh and talented ambassadors in the flesh, I was more keen than ever to watch the entire MTV video of it! Once again ,they are Hafiz, Aril, Akim, Black and Choo Hou Ren who were performing on stage during that launch!

Happy to share it with you guys 🙂

It’s in Malay and Mandarin – love how it all jives so well together. Oh and, I simply adore Hou Ren’s popping, locking and dropping moves! Smooth criminal yo, especially with his Mandarin rap verses. Totally owns! 🙂

Heyyy did you also notice that the dudes in the video has something in common? No it’s not their gender duh, it’s THE GREEN TIE which I blogged about [here] !

So you know what to do if you’ve read my blogpost on The Green Tie. You’re just a Green Tie competition away from a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. For more info and to check out their Facebook App, clickety click [here]

Anyway folks, I’m back in KayElle already and I’m ready to rumble
Heading to a shoot for Martell for tonight. BRB! 🙂