Heyyyy loves! Hope everyone’s having a great holiday with a double celebration of Thanksgiving and Hari Raya Haji. I went back to my hometown for the long weekend and just visited grandpa’s grave in the Memorial Park this morning.


Taken at the graveyard
Robbed cousin Meng of his Nike Air’s for the day
Love them so much T_T

I do miss grandpa badly but yeah, I took each and everyone of your advice hence deciding to move on instead of wallowing in despair. He’s in a much better place, I know. Thanks so much, peeps!

Oh and randomly, I was playing in Secret Recipe one fine day with my Chicken Cornish. Mom stuck the spoon in it and I conjured something funny outta it. Well.. THIS momma never taught me not to play with my food – she taught me otherwise! 🙂

This warm brown joy of a pastry pie costs RM8.90

Anyhoozers, here’s something I found out recently which plastered a huge smile on my face.


I’m a featured blogger on The Star RAGE’s online portal 🙂

And their R.AGE section in The Star Newspaper as well!


Thanks so much to the amazing team at RAGE for featuring me!

Okay it’s 3.15am now in Malaysia. Gotta hit the sack.
Nights to all you owls out there who are still awake!

My dogs aren’t being very gracious before me.