The things I wonder in life actually scares me to a second death.
All those gritty moments of WHAT IFs and IF ONLYs would just grab a pestle and grind me mercilessly on a mortar,
should they come alive.

party smileys

What IF I got myself an out-of-this-universe hairdo?
IF only I could muster enough enough courage to do so.

What IF I could bend the above-pictured fork with my mind?
IF only I had telekinesis.

What if I was bold enough to go with my sudden surges of fancies?
IF only I would get that tongue piercing I’ve always wanted.

What IF I never did take that Krispy Kreme donut sitting on my dresser?
IF only I could resist that piece of sugary-sweet sin.

What IF my balcony wasn’t my architectural best friend?
IF only I could befriend a Roman statue.

What IF I wasn’t still awake writing this at 3.59am?
IF only I could just hit the sack.

angel smileys
Or at least the couch.
I seriously ought to stop sleeping at 4am.

What time dya guys sleep?
Anyone still awake?