FINALLY! What could be better news? The Hard Rock Hotel Penang finally opens its doors for business on the 19th September 2009. For those not in the know, it is a full-fledged hotel inspired by rock & roll music everywhere!

Met fellow photographer, Mac
One of my old buddies

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Hard Rock Hotel totally breaks the mould of conventional beach resorts! There were guitar engravings everywhere and their hotel staff greets us guests with a “How May I Rock Your World Today?”


Check out Penang’s largest free-form beach-sand swimming pool, complete with sand islands, water slides and private poolside cabanas.


I sat down for a while to do some people-watching. Noticed lotsa hot arses walking about and of course, other fascinating sights of families with children.



Whoops. I think I was spotted!


Today, it was entirely packed with people chilling by the deck chairs and also playing in the pool. All the rooms were fully booked for the entire week!

Full occupancy of the hotel at today’s soft launch!

Thanks Elisa the Communications Manager, I was invited to join their blast. I was awed beyond words, as I adore everything rock-themed m/.

Polarized this photo a lil

Other than the impressive features, they do boast some colorful fun to enthuse the children as well. Sudden squirts of water sprinklers come and go, and the pails above fills up and overturns a whole bucketful of water gush onto you!

Where the kids frolic about

and ermm.. adults, if it floats their boat

I fancied how most of the rooms had an absolute beach frontage exposure. Totally gives you the I’m-on-a-holiday-leave-me-alone! feel.

The little bridge across the pool

Imagine opening your glass sliding door and there you have it, pool deckchairs and the 25,000sq feet pool at your feet to dive into, anytime you want.


It has built-in speakers underwater, mind you! So you can still rock on even in your goggles and wetsuits. Head banging under the sea anyone?
The swim-up bar, half-submerged in the pool

Heck, if you get thirsty or feel like partying, you can even beckon the waiters by the poolside bar – The Shack – to swim across to serve you your drink. They have all types of international & local beverages, alcoholic and even non-alcoholic

And ice-cold beer when the day gets sunny

Yes, you read right. They literally swim across the pool to your room to get your order and swim back with your drink!


So *cough* if you simply despise a fella from the bar or are just in the mood to abuse your authority as a Hard Rock Hotel guest, order a drink every 5 minutes and get him wet. Pun unintended!


Wanting to take a lil rest, I sat by the bar to quench my thirst with a glass of Rocky Chocolate. It was nice how most of their beverages had connections to rock themes. If ya wanna rock, ya might as well go all the way!

Speaking of F&B, Imma show you their Pizzeria just around corner.


A warm and cosy Pizzeria by the poolside wide, with a variety of rockin’ pizzas, international local snacks as well. I had a lil picha session with the Executive Chef of this Pizzeria. Heh


They had a live demonstration preps of pies, pizzas and other pastries, all oven baked to perfection! Check out the coal oven behind this jolly ol’ chef.

Nothing like Madame Lovette’s human pies from
Sweeney Todd’s The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

As I turned around, something caught my eye. There were ongoing guitar lessons! It was a little session of the guitar instructor guiding the lil rockers their basic strumming and plucking some old skool rock faves.

From the 1st batch of students

And something for the kids as well!

Lil Rock, the kindergarten & care center for kids

Had enough of Hard Rock Hotel Penang yet guys?
There’s more to come on the next entry.
Notice that all I’ve showed you was only the exterior comprising the beachfront, the freeform pool, the bars and al-fresco food & beverage area?

Stay tuned for the next part of Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s visual tour – the interior!

We’re just halfway through this visual tour!

Next up, is where you will see the glamourous hotel entrance, crystal chandeliers which changes colors every 10 seconds bearing the words Hard Rock Hotel, a larger-than-life statue of Michael Jackson round-a-bout, the rockstar Hard Rock Cafe..

Where were we?

…the lobby area with a bar concept & bartenders flaring, the showcase of authentic rockstar memorabilla with LCD screen rock MTVs, glass marquee rockroom (ballroom), a Harley Davidson superbike display, Lil Rock Kid’s Club, the Body Rock gym
and more.

Come inside Hard Rock Hotel with me

This is definitely the place where rockers meet.

You know you want to see more of it.