Not many people in the world are worth my tears, but the gravity of your influence and wise words weighs more than no other man could.

Shot via blackberry

Here’s a piece I wrote for you when you were battling it in the ICU:

“You taught me how to mop the floor
When I was a little girl of four
You made a cave for me out of blankets
And never failed to buy me little trinkets

You flew kites with me in the breeze
And told me bedtime stories whenever I please
You made sandcastles with me in our porch
I’ve always looked up to you as a guiding torch

You walked me to kindergarten every sunny day
And we both shared so much banter along the way
You were willing to give me the remote during a Liverpool match
The sacrifice for me to watch Disney – I didn’t even have to snatch

You made History back in high school no longer an uphill task
Sharing with me Japanese invasion stories each time I ask
You spoke to me only in queen’s English from which I took after
Buying me Enid Blytons’ as I read and learn with laughter

You came all the way for my college graduation to my surprise
Time spent with you taught me how to be vary and wise
You tell the other relatives how proud you are of me
Your moments of pride was poignant for everyone to see

You told me not to worry and that you’ll be fine
When I felt and held your hand close to mine
You feared for my safety as I drove back alone to see you
I wanted to be by your side and you never had a clue

You never once gave up neither did you complain
Nor share us any ounce of your misery and pain
You are now in the intensive care unit in deep sleep
Any idea at all how much you made me weep?

You can’t make my tears stop streaming as much as I try
I’m now on my balcony looking up at the same dark sky
You are my living testimony with every stride
I marvel at the remarkable fighter you are deep inside

I love you grandpa… and I know you’ll be alright.
Promise me that I’ll see you when I come home soon.”

And I did.

Here you are lying in your coffin beside me now, I’ve read this poem out to you while you lay peacefully inside.

I don’t blame you at all for letting go, I know how much intense pain you endured and the struggles you braved whilst in hospital constantly hoping it will end soon.

And it did.

Kung kung, may you rest in peace and may the hands of our Lord touch you with every passing day and His angels surround you. Amen.

Shot via blackberry

Deep inside, I know I was always your favorite and I want you to know that a huge part of you will always be with me. But for now, please, I need to stop crying. It hurts so bad to lose you and the thought of how much I’m gonna miss you, frightens me.

Happier times. I miss you so much it’s murderous.