Can’t flippin sleep and it’s 4.15am.
Been unwell the whole day since last night.
FML hope it’s not the swine flu.

All my best friends are having a karaoke session back in Penang as I’m typing this. Wish I could join them though. Happy Birthday Carter, I miss all of you back home. So very very much.

On top of that, I’ve been psychoanalyzing things I prolly shouldn’t in the very first place. Been emo, messed up and ill the past few days. And it’s the time of the month. Argh fuck, no wonder. I hate emo-ing especially at this hour.

On a completely unrelated issue, I kinda like this picture :

because I look happy in it.

I wish I could force a smile now.

decompression sickness
Swine flu donkey flu sheep flu
it’s not like I give two hoots.

Something tells me I’m in need of chocolate milk. Like, NOW. Aight, I’m blabbering here, but at least it keeps me from going beserk.

p.s – I don’t like Brand’s Chicken Essense.
It tastes of drain water, but then again I’ve never tasted any intoxicated mish-mash from the sewerage waste.

p.p.s – My room is messy.
I need to pack it up.

p.p.s – Why is my roomie playing & singing to weird songs?
Hmm… I think it’s from the 80’s

p.p.p.s – The random things I can cook up at 6.44am in the morning.
Darn, someone pop me some sleeping pills?

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you can now click ‘follow’ to get notified on your dashboard whenever I update

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