It was not often that cousins reunite after moving off to a distant place. In this case, Madelene and I never saw each other for almost half a decade. Except bumping into each other at a nearby coffeeshop back in Penang. And now, a cosy Italian Restaurant.

Facebooking can somehow rediscover that thin line of biological connection, of which was long forsaken. Uh-huh. And through this interesting phase of cyberspace socializing, Maddy and I made a date and hung out – just two gurls having fun.

Two gurls, a camera and a pizza place

This is one place I must recommend. Cipolla Ristorante Pizzeria is the name, and fabulous Italian food is their game. It’s located in Bangsar, KL.
You won’t miss it!

I find no point having this picture uploaded.
But I like how it’s taken

The ambience is one to marvel at. Dim lighting and rustic atmosphere really sets the mood going. Don’t plant notti images in your own head just yet but honestly, it is a really romantic get-up.

The food here is absolutely mouth-watering. Its portions are enough to feed the whole of Africa! Okay well, I’m exaggerating here but yeah, you catch my drift. 🙂 It sure as hell made me full even before I finished!

Nevermind the dashing elderly Italian man who served us!

We started off with the appetizers and soup.

Salmon has a way towards my heart

My fave being the Pumpkin Soup.
(which reminds me of bestie Joyce too)

I was pretty fascinated with the way they sprinkle those condiments on my soup. It’s a glow in the dark shaker!

All the more reason to go “ooooooooooh”

The snacks served with olive oil – on the house!
I feel so oriental in this picture LOL

And proceeded to the main courses.

Let’s begin!

Where there’s ham and cheese, you’ll find me!

Maddy has a fetish for clams

Delicious no, dear couzzie? *Cough* later that night, she sorta had a bad tummy ache. Hmm… perhaps it was a bad clam? I wonder.

Anyways, you guys should check out this place! We gurls dig it. Lovely place for some dining and soothing music. For more, visit their site [here].

FYI, prices range from RM30 and above per main course.