Okay let’s face it. I phail horribly in declining Japanese Food. I’ve been a Jap food freak for the longest time ever and it has never changed till today! Be it Sushi King, Sushi Zanmai, Sushi Zen, Yo Sushi, Sakae Sushi or apa-apaSushipunboleh, I’ll be there. Pronto!


It was nice of Prince Hotel to extend us their invitations to the launch of their new set meal in ENJU the Japanese Restaurant, for a food tasting session. Surprisingly enough, it was called the ‘Ladies’ Set Dinner’.

I wonder if there’s a certan level of feminity or estrogen required to consume that? LOL kidding! Even the men chomped down their ladies’ meal till the very end.

A toast to exquisite Jap food!

Upon entering ENJU on the 1st floor, there was Origami everywhere.
No kidding! Damn, the only Origami folding I’m actually good at is *hides* the aeroplane.


The interior was pretty clean-cut and neat. It still bears the elements of the typical Japanese culture but had lots of modern influence in its designs. Anyway, there’s a side table where you peeps can actually see the chefs busy with your Sushi.

I crept into the preparation area with the rest of them.

ohmy. Such love in motion!

The appetizer of this Ladies’ Set Dinner kicked-off with Deep Fried Potato. Hmm.. sometimes, tiny portions has the power to make your appetite linger even longer. This was crispy on the outside but really warm and fluffy on the inside.

One bite – cherish it!

Being an absolute fish lover, I grinned from ear to ear as the Gindara Terriyaki was the main dish of the night. That Alaskan Black Cod grilled with Terriyaki sauce was mad delicate and full of rich flavours. Ahh, real women eat real (tender) meat.

Sink your teeth in. NOW.

The Hiyashi Somen (noodles) reduced us to very silly moments. We were actually supposed to dip the noodles in the Shoyu sauce little by litte with a chopstick ffs! Dating all the way back to my childhood times, I suck at chopsticks. So ya know what we did?


We poured the bowl of Shoyu sauce into the noodles and slurped away like no one’s watching. But the distinctiveness of Hiyashi Somen is that the noodles were really fine and glided down our throats really smoothly.

Hardly ever a need to bite to begin with!


Then, there was obviously Chawan Mushi, the really popular steamed egg with tiny slices of mushroom in it. I believe this dish requires no further introduction? πŸ™‚ Anyways, this is one that I can never miss whenever I step into ANY Jap restaurant. Warm and frothy Miso soup was served too.

Sidney (BigBoysOven) and I

Sushi Moriawase was the assorted handmade sushi. I can safely say that this is a really pretty dish to look at. It looked like it jumped right outta a cartoon! Lots of color, very vibrant and quirky!

I like how it’s placed such uniform positions.
That keeps the standard impeccable!

Let’s have a closer look, shall we? πŸ™‚
The Sashimi was to die for. It was extremely fresh and the seaweed was still crispy to the core! Unlike some pre-done slices of salmon and soggy seaweed that you usually find elsewhere. *cough*

but I’m pretty darn sure you readers are smart to know which one

Anyway, the best part was when Chef Thomas, the main chef of ENJU started to approach us while rolling a trolley filled with sumptous ingredients such as avocado, lettuce, crab stick, flying fish roe, cucumber, beef tempura flakes, tamago and much more.

He was really a ball of fun too!

I especially requested for Unagi. My all-time favorite ingredient.
And whilst he was making the handroll maki with an insane mix of ingredients of my liking, I then asked him :

“So what is this called, Chef?”

Only to have him reply with such cheeky wit :

“You made it, so YOU name it!”

Hmm. Honestly if I could, I would name it :

“JessicaSuzukiYamahaFujitsuMashimaro Maki.”


Peace to weird-sounding Maki names!

And that’s not all! The waitress brought over something very colourful and tropical looking. What could that be?


We were treated to some lovely dessert of Fruit Sorbets. It came in Apple, Orange and Lemon. I had a taste of all 3 but I must say that the cream of the crop would be of course the Apple Sorbet.

The Apple Sorbet & I
Don’t ask me why wasn’t I looking in the right direction,
‘cos I’ve no clue either.

It was rich, thick and creamy with every spoonful.
Pretty darn refreshing!


Ahh, aren’t they just perfect sweetness to wrap up our set meal? We loved it to the very core! Oh, before I forget, the outer rind/skin of the sorbets can actually be eaten. Duh, it’s a real fruit πŸ™‚

Myself, Louis (Prince Hotel) &Sunny (BigBoysOven)
What a satisfiying meal, no? Indeed, But guess what?
It’s not the end yet!

It’s worse than choosing clothes in TopShop.
There’s just so many pretty ones!

We felt really honoured as we had Chef Thomas to prepare our meals himself. Hmm, it isn’t everyday you get such privilege!

Honestly, he looks a lil like Edison Chen here

My fave was the one with the Sashimi! Although I’m not a fan of Ebiko, the roe was as huge as the pearls Audry Hepburn wears. It looked juicy and almost bursting! Ugh. I refrained myself from squishing it with my thumb.

See the big and juicy roe?

We stuffed ourselves with this delightful platter but was too full to take in anymore at the very end. So, most of us had it to-go and it served well as breakfast the very next day!

Aight, ’nuff already.
Let’s dig in!

P/S – Rumour has it that if you eat Raw Salmon or Sashimi without Wasabi,
you would grow worms in your brain.