I was emo-ing all day and all night. =/

Darn. Thanks to all the peeps who cared and asked if I was alright. Thanks for wanting to talk about it. I feel better a lil.. some how.

So no proper entries for today I guess? Cos’ any entry of mine at the moment would be relentlessly injected with bitchy sarcasm and pessimistic thoughts; though sub-consciously.

Sigh. Really hate to be emo.

But ya can’t avoid it at times

Another sad thing is, why are my good friends also emo-ing at the times when I’m emo too? Really bad timing man. I wish I could be there for all of you but, sigh. It’s not the best I can do cos’ I’m emo-ing as well.

Anyway, peeps ya know who you are. *big hugs to yall*

And.. CREDITS goes to Dwane who made me laugh my head off by sending me some hilarious sh*t from a website. These are my faves!

This is one adorable (and not to mention, innocent) lil creature!
Aww.. you poor thing. =(

This is ludicrous! I mean, who’d go to such an extent in marketing?
Isn’t this already seditious btw? My goodness.

When afro was in style!
It looks desperate for a trim.

This one made me look twice..

It’s legs resemble wooden stumps!


Oh well, that (and more) got me in stitches for a moment. Now that everyone’s asleep, I’m back to emo-ing to myself.

Life’s a bitch, flirt with it.

quoted by D.C

I agree.