Look at the Easter egg I was supposed to decorate.


haha. Obviously not. Cos’ it’s still empty!!!!

I was supposed to decorate it….. but I didn’t say I decorated it, did I? =P

My loved ones & I headed down to Equatorial Hotel to indulge in their brunch buffet and Easter Celebration . Hmm…. aren’t I supposed to be in church? =/

The food was yummy – I finally get to eat my bread&butter pudding! Oh, for those not in the know, I have this insane craving for bread&butter pudding. I took like, almost a plate-full of it. Oh well, that’s enough to satiate my bread&butter pudding tank!

Another delicious thing served was the Russian Salad – absolutely tasty!
It’s just adorable how they served it on a spoon , and although it sufficed only one mouthful, I took many spoons. It was my fav of the day!

Have a bite?

Easter being easter, the event was decorated with lotsa marzipan bunnies. None for real though. Dubby and I decided to get a lil kinky with the ones Uncle Mike collected back

This is so wrong.

Plates & plates of varied entrees, main courses, desserts, pastry and the like was enough to put out anyone’s malnutrition =) Although I have to admit not everything was good, but hell yeah, it sure was enough to make my tummy happy!

Unc Mikey missing in action & Unc Tenny the photographer

Mr. Bean, one of the main attractions

Mr. Bean golfing without the ball

On this blessed Easter, I actually couldn’t believe my luck! My name was announced to receive the 1st prize in the lucky draw contest!
Ya’ know, honestly, I’ve always acknowledged the fact that I’m shitface when it comes to this kinda stuff – lucky draws or any minor contests that requires luck. But I guessed the tables have turned now, lady luck has chosen me!

The prize? A buffet lunch for two in the coffee garden of Equatorial Hotel.

Be nice. *giggles*