What’s big?
No, it’s not you momma’s boobies.

What’s green?
No, it’s not your mouldy sandwich

What’s scary?
No, it’s not how you look in the morning

What’s big, green and scary?
No it’s not the Incredible Hulk

What’s big, green, scary and local?
We’re about to find out!


Last weekend, I was invited to The Palace @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL for a special screening of Dimensions TVC – A joint effort by Maxis and Astro, Malaysia’s 1st made for mobile science-fiction series.

The event began with a speech by T. Kugan and Eric Foo, to introduce to us, the media and consumers, about what the entire plot is about and how to go about watching it.

11 Episodes of Dimension altogether
created exclusively for 3G and online platforms.

Soon, Episode 1 of Dimensions premiered to spark the suspense within us. Whoa, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed! Given that the local film industry is kinda sullen, the production crew of Dimensions did a pretty good job.


I like the cinematography and effects involved in the making of this sci-fi series. Well, it’s definitely something I look forward to as I can totally relate to the settings of the location and cast. Wheee! Because this sci-fi thriller is set in the heart of KL which reinvents the myths and legends of our city rainforest and ancient spirits of animist tales.

Now that’s some awesome-pawsome stuff! 🙂


Here’s the plot I find worth sharing!

  • A series of mysterious outbreaks is sweeping through KL.
  • Entire shopping malls struck blind, multiple incidents of group hysteria, heart attacks en masse, an entire secondary school comatose. The entire medical comunity is at a loss for the cause, except for one doctor.
  • Convinced there is a correlation, she goes in search of the truth, discovering a group of unique individuals with extraordinary powers.
  • With the appearance of an enigmatic young girl and 2 dark characters on the hunt, an epic adventure beckons, with millions of lives at stake.
  • Will that curious and determined doctor uncover the truth and save the nation from this widespread epidemic? Or will these dark forces ultimately find what they are looking for and plunge the world into chaos?


Our popular local actor Jehan Miskin stars as this metrosexual malay male with abnormal agility. Oh and *psst I think Rufus starred by justin chan is pretty cute! He plays the short geeky young chinese male by the way.


Nom nom time!


Right after the screening, activation stations were then set-up for anyone who is registered with iPhone 3G to watch anytime they want. And it was time for dinner! In other words, camwhore time wheeeee~

Jon from Fleishman-Hillard
Thanks for the invite dude!
(Esther was outside at the registration table)

love them heaps! fab people
/big hugs

Buddy Joe who gave me a loooong talk about my grandpa’s demise
Thanks for so much consoling ya 🙂

Shouters unite!

Bumped into Angelene, my former classmate in college
KDU Mass Commers FTW!
(because we’re just better) =P

Colors vs. white
the 4 of us could stand for a laundry detergent ad

I cannot believe I bumped into you!
Long lost friend from Penang

Soon after, it was time for some lucky draws! Oh for the record I’m NEVER lucky in Lucky Draws. Arghh. 2 people won an iPhone 3GS just like that, including a friend of mine, Xiang. Gosh. Jealous over the top dot com dot info. >__<
That’s him in a black shirt showing off his new box
/boxes Xiang with congrats 😛

Bumped into Bo from Unseen TV in the carpark just before Tocky and I rushed of for another event. His hair is just mad awesome, no? hohoho! Ps. I like Unseen TV because they NEVER censor curses and swears alike. Woots! 🙂



And the war between iPhone 3G vs. Blackberry never dies!

End of story.
But I won’t be able to sleep without saying this



*prepares shield against iPhone users & opens her bottle
of Vodka to celebrate with the other BB users*