I arrived rather nervously, at a highway I’ve never taken to Bangsar before. Slowly but surely my car halted to a stop at a traffic light and I immediately spotted BSC, Bangsar Shopping Complex on my far left.

Courtesy of Xavier Mah, the PR & Communications Manager of the premier and leading hairstyling center and academy, A Cut Above, I was extended an invitation to their grand opening.

Prepare for some wicked and bewildering looks of the century! πŸ™‚


The grand opening of today’s event marks the start of the largest A Cut Above outlet – ever! With an abundance of hairstyling space and private rooms, tools & equipments, staff and well-trained craftsmanship from A Cut Above, this new flagship store is something to look forward to!

The front entrance

Right before the press conference, I checked out the entire interior of this new outlet. And I love it! Such a modern feel yet never leaving the key elements of a hair salon should resemble. Here’s only one part of it though, the hairwash section :


From what I noticed, they use leading brands such as Kerastase
and Loreal while servicing their clients


Whilst I was still exploring, I managed to catch the preperations and last minute touch-ups in progress. Whoaa for big hairdos!

Must be for the hair show later, I reckon

Dayang Nurfaizah getting her hair all stylo-mylo
before making her appearance

I hung out for a while walking around and chatting with some familiar faces (in the media line, you’re bound to keep meeting the same people over and over again!) when I bumped into Winnie Loo. Without her, A Cut Above wouldn’t have been proudly standing here till today.

She’s the queen bee yo
Founder and MD of A Cut Above!

Much respect goes to her. She started this empire from scratch when she was young and has since spread its wings to many outlets in the Klang Valley and KL City.


The press conference soon began and we were ushered to another room to have a seat. This was where she and Xavier shared the lowdown on the opening of this spanking new outlet. When I threw the question, I asked if she was still very much involved in the haircutting/hairstyling part where she 1st begun, despite climbing so high in this industry and already being on the manegerial level.

She mentioned that she was “still very hands on and even
personally cuts the hair of some of her clients upon request.”

I liked the part where she stated that despite having thousands and thousands of staff, she “will never put down her scizzors, why give the fun to someone else?” Well said, babe!


Moments later before the event officially begun, I spotted even more familiar faces and as usual, we camwhored over some drinks, a dinner buffet and yes.. Haagen Daaz ice-cream!


To grace this event, over 40 celebrities were seen mingling about as well. A notable pair being the one directly above. Anita Sarawak, the diva and her Caucasian husband, now acknowledged as Mahathir. I like how they match perfectly well at every event, from the hair colour (were both blonde previously!) to the apparel they have on their backs.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony!

Both, the emcees Baki and Aishah Sinclair
did a swell job in hyping up the crowd!

The 1st to go on stage was a duo of Dennis Lau, the amazing musician and Shafinaz Selamat, the Malaysian songbird. Together they cooked up a ravishing duet performance of both vocals and instrumental elements!

As soulful as ever

What really cracked me up during the following performance was that the singer was in her own world singing while Winnie Loo was also in her own element spraying the former’s hair!

In their very niche of life!
Such an entertaining performance

Before we knew it, dramatic music was heard blasting from the speakers and everyone huddled by the red carpet to watch the fiery showdown of eccentric hairdos of the century.



Such creative hairdos really enthralled all of us. Coupled with tight fitting latex suits and heavy make up, this one’s perfect for a galactic battle!

Singing ‘One Night Only’ was Nikki, a former Malaysian Idol finalist. I could hardly recognize her as the last time I watched it was when I was still in high school. My my, look how much she progressed in terms of vocals and stage presense! Woots


Last but never the least, came buddy Shawn the human beatbox to crank up the after party. Who’s not to love him? He’s our small little fellow who can bellow a herd of wilderbeasts away!

Beatboxing one of his trademark performances,
Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction

The party ended with more photo taking, mingling and fooling around. I had a great time at the event and well, it was a blast! From the food, the warm company, the performances and everything… kudos to A Cut Above!


You’ll see me back here very soon, Imma dye back my red streaks of hair. It’s time for a touch up! Oh but.. um.. not.. like this afro though!

never in a thousand years!