Charity is always the way to go! I reckon most people/organizations are into the trend of offering aid or even contributing back to society. Coronar, a giant PR & Media corporation has recently taken their social responsibility to the next level by throwing a charity carnival for their 57 Foundation


It was a really happening event! Local Chinese celebs and even ones from Hong Kong were seen gracing the event. Some 3 singers even took to the stage. Adorable & pretty-boy singers Kit and Danny entertained the crowd with their Canto-pop, rap and R&B songs. They stole the hearts of their young female fans!


But one who realIy caught my eye was Athena Beh. Her take on Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ was enough to blow us all away! One heck of a powerful voice, yo.


The entire charity drive was emceed by the former Miss International Cosmos (Asia) who is also a familiar face in the local entertainment scene, Chris Thong.

She handled the crowd really well with her wit and charm –no wonder, she’s one fine lady!

Notice that everyone was decked in a standard t-shirt with a palm imprinted onto it? Well, I reckon it was to show familiarity of no matter who you are. Superstar or not, they are all one – joining forces to achieve one goal today.


Inside, an auction was going on. You can tell there’s a bidding session not too far away by hearing those yells and cheers of excitement.


Cheah Soon Kit, a former international badminton player was auctioning his autographed badminton racquet in efforts of raising funds for the charity event as well.

I made my way exploring the other parts of the building and noticed that there were local favorites and lotsa cherry tomatoes on sale! Woots. Haven’t had one in ages.



And suddenly, I saw something really adorable amidst the crowd. Little children in paper hats engrossed with their handheld Nintendos.


There was a hand spas and arm massage booth as well, with the adjacent booth selling finger food and fluffy soft toys for children.



Oooh and there was a body art booth too. Pretty painted faces and bodies were their main attraction! Alas, I didn’t have time to pimp my face as I was busy running around taking pichas.

But guess what I spotted from afar?

FYI The 57 Foundation covers areas such as educational funds, medical funds and natural disaster funds. I came back inside right on time catch the mock cheque presentation by Visiber Pte. Ltd.


Love, We Care’
Spokesperson Fund Raising Charity Event was packed with more and more people of all ages, and even other celebs and former beauty queens soon after. Great time for a group shot right outside the entrance!


Chris and I with the Coronar directors and VVIPs. Congrats for making this charity event a success and for raising a whopping amount of money! And that, my dears, is the way to go!